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Los Angeles and San Francisco Covid Cases are Out of Control Despite Mask and Vax Mandates

Here's another story that we can chalk up to an "I told you so."

Many of us have been saying for the last two years that face masks don't stop the spread of Covid-19. On top of that, the data shows that vaccines are just as ineffective.

Case in point: San Francisco County and Los Angeles are leading the state of Communist California in cases per 100k. Los Angeles is leading the charge at 76.5 cases per 100k people, while San Francisco is not far behind with 69.8.

Both of these counties have taken their mandates to the extreme, requiring The Jab to enter into virtually any indoor business establishment and masks are worn virtually everywhere, both inside and out.

Now, let's compare the case rate with the Florida of California... the freedom loving Orange County.

According to data, Orange County is at 37.1 cases per 100k. That's nearly half of both San Francisco and Los Angeles. What did the OC do that LA and SF did not?

Orange County does not have any mask or vax requirements. The state has a mask mandate to enter into any establishment, but the county has refused to enforce the tyrannical edicts of Dictator Gavin Newsom. Businesses have signs up stating that there's a statewide mask mandate, but I've yet to have a single business ask me to wear my mask.

So what can we learn from the comparison of data between Orange County vs San Francisco and Los Angeles? Masks and "vaccines" simply do not work. Neither keeps you from contracting or spreading the Wuhan Flu.

At what point will the pro-vaxxers realize that these policies simply do not work? The science and data simply contradict the mandates implemented by the tyrannical politicians.

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