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Lin Wood Makes Outrageously Insane Claim That Sidney Powell Is A Man

Is Lin Wood off his rocker? It sure looks like it. During a recent episode of The Bonafide Truth, a recorded phone call with defamation attorney Lin Wood was played in its entirety. During the phone call, Lin made the outrageous accusation that Sidney Powell is actually a man

Lin Wood has been throwing some wild accusations at fellow America First Conservatives, including General Michael Flynn and Marjorie Taylor Greene, even going so far as to say MTG is a Communist. During the recorded phone call, Lin invoked Q in saying that Flynn might be the first arrest of the Deep State that would shock the world.

Earlier this year at the Rock the Red event, General Flynn was the keynote speaker. After his speech, he walked off the stage and a man from the audience took the mic and began reading a manifesto, accusing Flynn and Trump of committing treason and that he was there to perform a citizens arrest on Flynn. Chad Caton was there, seeing this as a threat against Flynn, and sprung into action, immediately grabbing him by the collar and walking him directly out of the room and handing him off to security.

During this recorded phone call, Lin Wood accused this event as being setup by Flynn and Chad. This could not be further from the truth. There is no basis for this accusation, especially as the man Chad apprehended is in the process of suing him.

What makes this even more shocking is that Chad was the one who ran Lin Wood's campaign for the Chairman of the GOP in South Carolina. They went on the road together and Chad spent his own money on travel expenses, including gas and hotel, in Lin's bid for the leadership of the SCGOP. Chad went to bat on behalf of Lin, even coming on my show defending Lin from accusations of being a RINO and a closet Democrat attempting to infiltrate the GOP.

The fact that Lin Wood is imputing the character of Chad Caton who was his number one cheerleader during the campaign and has been nothing but loyal to him, shows that something is going on with Lin Wood. He's choosing to stab those in the back that have been nothing but supportive.

While Lin Wood was at the forefront of fight to expose Election Fraud in the days after the stolen election of 2020, he has alienated himself to the point that he's on an island almost on his own. Gen Flynn, Clay Clark, Sidney Powell and almost everyone else who were once allies with Wood now have nothing to do with him.

He's attacking all of the Conservative voices that he once aligned himself with. He claims he's exposing the Deep State operation to deceive Trump supporters. However, after this, it appears as if he's the one deceiving his followers.

When it comes to Sidney Powell, the fact that he'd stoop so low as to accuse her of being a transgender and a biological male is beyond insane. Here's the direct quote:

"Mike Flynn is not a good man... neither is Sidney Powell... I mean, he's a she... or she's a he, I don't know. Neither is Tracy Beanz. I'd watch out for Chad..."

During this episode of Bonafide TV, Chad Caton and Bonafide expose Lin Wood's many lies about a lot of the patriots that you know and love. They also share the truth that proves Lin Wood is outright lying.

As time passes, it's getting harder to know who to trust. This is why I've been very intentional since the very beginning of my show to not be a follower of any individual. Instead, I focus on my believe system, aligning myself around those specific issues and only those issues. If someone is saying something I agree with, I'll back them up. If I disagree with them, I'll correct that error.

No man is perfect, only Jesus Christ. This means that I'll only be a follower of Him and with everyone else I'll align myself with them on a case-by-base basis.

Lin Wood appears to be proving himself to be the Divider in Chief. He's been making many wild accusations against many people, and sometimes I ask myself, "What does he know that I don't?" However, we've come to a point where he's been exposed for outright lies.

No one seems to understand what's going on with him. Is he losing it? Is there a psychological condition that's causing these outbursts and false accusations? Or is he simply a Deep State plant attempting to divide the Patriots who love this country?

Only time will tell. The one thing we know is that Lin Wood does not appear to be someone that can or should be trusted after this.

I highly encourage you to watch this show in its entirety.

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