Justin Bieber Diagnosed with a Known Side Effect of the covid Bioweapon Injection

Updated: Jun 10

Everyone is talking about the rare disorder that Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with. Ramsay Hunt syndrome paralyzed half of the pop singer's face, forcing him to cancel his tour.

Unfortunately for Bieber, this is also a known side effect of the covid-19 bioweapon injection. According to PubMed, there are documented cases of this extremely rare disorder shortly after getting jabbed.

While Bieber has been quiet about his vaccination status, his world tour does require proof of being jabbed with the Poison Death Shot in order to enter, so it is assumed that he has been injected.

According to TMZ:

Justin Bieber has been battling a serious virus, one that has left the right side of his face paralyzed ... and he'll need to take some time off to work on getting better.

The singer posted a video Friday explaining to fans why he's had to postpone several shows over the last week, explaining he's been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Bieber says it's affected a nerve in his ear, causing the paralysis.

As visible in the video, Justin is unable to blink with one of his eyes, and can only smile with one side of his mouth.

You can see the video of what this known side effect has done to him here:

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