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Josh Barnett Confronts "Professor" David Clements for Sabotaging Lindell's Cyber Symposium

Josh Barnett, who is running for Congress in Arizona and is one of the primary figures behind the Arizona Audits, ran into David Clements at CPAC and took the opportunity to confront him to his face for being a plant at Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium and sabotaging both the symposium and many of the attempts to forensically audit the results of the 2020 Election.

It's widely been theorized that someone was a plant on Mike Lindell's team that was investigating the fraudulent 2020 Election. It seemed that Lindell was onto something and blowing the entire investigation wide open, exposing Dominion Voting Systems and the Deep States for using the machines to pull of The Steal.

Lindell promised everyone that was attending and watching The Symposium that everyone would walk away with irrefutable proof that would lead to a 9-0 Supreme Court decision overturning the election. Unfortunately, the event was riddled with problems and glitches, and then the claimed evidence they had was never presented. Insiders were very confident that someone was sabotaging Lindell and his event from the inside.

Josh Barnett appears to have answered the question as to who was the Deep State plant, as he confronted Clements to his face, exposing him as a fraud in front of a large crowd in attendance at CPAC.

Over at The DC Patriot, Matt Couch described the confrontation:

Two Patriots Jeremy Oliver and Josh Barnett confronted David Clements on what he’s been doing to sabotage election audits in multiple states around America, and the video is eye opening.

Clements claims he and his wife do the only full forensic audits, and that’s just not true at all America.

According to Jeremy Oliver and Josh Barnett, Clement was a plant at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium back last fall.

In this video, he seems to feel very threatened, and even tries to bully producer Jeremy Oliver multiple times, and it doesn’t go well for him.

I've endorsed Josh Barnett for Congress, and you can find my endorsement at His confrontation of Professor David Clements is proof that he's willing to lay it all on the line for his constituents, the country and simply for the truth. This is one of the many reasons I'm back Barnett in his bid to represent the people of Arizona in the United States House of Representatives.

Speaking of Mike Lindell, he's someone that has put his money where his mouth is. Not only is he fighting to expose exactly how the Deep State stole the 2020 Election from Donald Trump to install the Alleged President Joe Biden into the Oval Office across the street from the White House, but he's also running an extremely successful American company, MyPillow. You'll love his pillows, sheets and clothes! Use code FFN for up to 66% off at

Watch Josh Barnett's confrontation of "Professor" David Clements here:



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L Warner
L Warner
Mar 05, 2022

And I'm really disappointed in Matt Couch. I thought he was better than that. He's obviously parroting what people like Oliver are saying, that Clements and his wife are not working on forensic audits. Guess I'll be unfollowing Couch on Twatter--anybody that ignorant who doesn't do his own research, screw him.


Jeremy Oliver is not impressive in that video. He didn't want a conversation with Clements, he was just accusing him of sabotaging the audit and not being a real professor. The guy WAS a professor and got fired for his anti-mask/vax mandate stance. It was just an incredibly awkward invasion of Clements personal space, where he did the old liberal trick of trying to blame Clements for not wanting him in his face. Then he challenged him to go outside an fight, just weird. Clements also shared some voice mails he believe were from Oliver, where he was threatening his family. If there is real evidence that Clements tried to sabotage anything, evidence needs to be presented, not impl…


L Warner
L Warner
Mar 03, 2022

Barnett, Oliver, and all the rest of them are a bunch of patsies. I stand with David Clements and what he's doing. Because he keeps on with exposing the election fraud and trying to get REAL forensic audits done despite all that BS and threats.


TN Hawley
TN Hawley
Mar 01, 2022

You think this helps you Barnett? Only exposes you, Flynn, Patrick and your henchmen.


Barnett is part of the deep state and complicit in election fraud. We’re not voting for a corrupt RINO. Clements is the one exposing him and Flynn. It’s not hard to read between the lines. Jeremy Oliver is a henchman and an ahole. Watch his stuff on YouTube, easily to decipher he’s a bad dude. Beware of Barnet and Flynn. Support Trump and those that believe in election fraud and getting him back in 2+ years. Stay away from Flynn, Satanist and Deep State. He‘s had years of practice as CIA operative and a Democrat.