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Joe Biden's SOTU was an Attempt to Coverup the Government's Role in Killing Americans

Joe Biden's State of the Union Address was a disaster. He was mumbling, stuttering and several times forgot what he was saying in the middle of a sentence. Most of his speech was void of any specific details on any of his plans. Instead, he just focused on over-generalized statements about these massive bills that he's proposing which would fundamentally change and destroy America.

When it came to covid-19, however, his speech was nothing more than propaganda that covered for his colossal failure in dealing with the supposed "pandemic." Dr Joel Hirschhorn broke down the propaganda the Alleged President was promoting during the SOTU on America Out Loud:

Everything Biden said about COVID vaccines was nonsense.

These are the points he made “First, stay protected with vaccines and treatments. We know how incredibly effective vaccines are. If you’re vaccinated and boosted, you have the highest degree of protection. …We will never give up on vaccinating more Americans. Now, I know parents with kids under 5 are eager to see a vaccine authorized for their children. … If necessary, we’ll be able to deploy new vaccines within 100 days instead of many more months or years. … And with 75% of adult Americans fully vaccinated and hospitalizations down by 77%, most Americans can remove their masks, return to work, stay in the classroom, and move forward safely.”

Actual data contradicts what Biden said. If COVID vaccines were really effective, then how can the nearly one million COVID deaths be explained with 75% percent of adults vaccinated? The US COVID death rate is incredibly high compared to other nations. Biden failed to acknowledge the many hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died or suffered serious illness from the COVID vaccines, not the infection.

No one who follows actual medical science and looks at the benefits and risks of vaccination would seriously question whether they or their children should get the shot.

The public needs to know about a CDC database that has not received media attention.

Dr Hirschhorn is spot on! If the Poison Death Shots were truly safe and effective, hospitals would not be full of covid patients. They would also not be full of vax adverse reaction patients.

An interesting aspect of his speech that many have not been commenting on is that he's attributing lower hospitalization rates as evidence that The Jab is working. The problem with that line of argumentation is that every variant that comes along is much more contagious and less deadly than the previous one. That's simply how viruses work. So it's natural for hospitalization rates to go down with each variant that comes along. It has absolutely nothing to do with the "vaccine."

One area of concern is the consistent death rates within hospitals:

That high level of death suggests hospital protocols are not very effective. But the medical establishment has refused to seriously reexamine how late state COVID disease is managed. In particular, those who believe in the efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine would be in favor of using those generics for hospitalized COVID patients to save lives. And there is solid clinical evidence that both generics have been effective for seriously ill hospitalized COVID patients.

At a certain point, we're going to have to hold our political leaders accountable for setting these death protocols to supposedly "treat" covid-19. Our hospitals are literally killing people, and they are incentivized to do so by our own Federal Government. Talk about a depopulation agenda at work before our own eyes!

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