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Jeff Dornik: Most Alternative Social Media Platforms are Simply Inferior Knock-offs to Big Tech

During a recent interview on Matt Couch's Facts Not Fiction, pickax CEO Jeff Dornik explains the problem with the current lineup of alternative social media platforms like GETTR, Gab, Truth Social and the rest.

Instead of developing truly free speech platforms that will rival the Big Three (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), these platforms are simply designed to be bad knockoffs of these platforms. Their target audience has always been those that are banned from the mainstream platforms.

That's not a business model for success, and with Elon Musk allowing everyone back onto Twitter, these other platforms have become ghost towns.

What we need are platforms that will attract people away from Big Tech because of the superior features, not just be the home to the Big Tech Rejects.

That's exactly why pickax is being built... not to just create a free speech alternative to Big Tech, but to create a superior platform to anything that these tech companies have to offer.

Sign up for pickax today to be among the first on the platform that will protect constitutional free speech, will refuse to be beholden to Big Tech in any way, have algorithms that amplify your voice and monetization opportunities for content creators. Click here to sign up.

Check out this clip from Facts Not Fiction where Jeff Dornik breaks this all down for Matt Couch:



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