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Governor Ron DeSantis Remains Uncommitted To Vetoing Bill 7014 Requiring Obedience to Fuhrer Fauci

After yesterday’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, where we discussed Florida’s law that demands hospitals obey Anthony Fauci’s covid-19 protocols if they want to be protected from claims and lawsuits, there’s been an uprising among Floridians calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to veto this bill.

Bill 7014 is sitting on his desk until tomorrow. DeSantis has three options: He can veto the bill, sign it into law or simply ignore it, which would de a de facto signing of the bill. If DeSantis truly wants to be the governor fighting for Medical Freedom, he only has one option: Veto Bill 7014.

According to The Center Square, DeSantis’ press secretary responded, “The governor’s office… is aware of the concerns raised by patient advocates. We will most likely have an update to share with you later this week. Governor DeSantis is working to ensure that patients’ rights are protected in Florida and that healthcare providers are free to use their best judgment to treat patients.”

Now, I get that this is political theater on the part of his press secretary, attempting to reassure everyone that Governor DeSantis is on the side of the people in defending on their Medical Freedom. She also didn’t want to commit to something that DeSantis has fully decided yet.

Here’s the crux of my concern: This is not a new law. Bill 7014 is not introducing new legislation. What it’s actually doing is simply extending current Florida law. This means that Governor Ron DeSantis has already signed this into law, either explicitly with his signature or de fact by not vetoing it.

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Ron DeSantis has been one of the strongest defenders of Medical Freedom among all of the governors. With that said, he is not perfect. With it already being the law of the land in Florida that hospitals only receive liability protection against covid claims as long as they follow the guidance of Anthony Fauci’s federal government, this is a blemish on the record of the great Florida Governor.

With that said, DeSantis has an opportunity to lead the charge against the tyrannical federal government: Veto 7014. Hold a press conference where he vetoes the bill and boldly declare that Anthony Fauci and the rest of the bureaucrats in DC who think they can continue to lie and promote treatments which are killing American citizens should be ignored and actual science should be followed. State that he’s going to defend Medical Freedom, and give the medical decisions back to patients and their doctor.

Bill 7014 will be a pivotal moment in the career of Governor Ron DeSantis. If he vetoes this bill, he’ll show America that he’s ready to step into that leadership role of the fight against Medical Tyranny. If he caves and allows it to be implemented as law, he’s still done a lot of good, he’s just not the leader we all though he’d be.

I pray Governor Ron DeSantis does the right thing and vetoes Bill 7014.

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