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Gen Michael Flynn Responds to President Trump’s Recent Endorsement of RINOs

Updated: Mar 30

At Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, I had the opportunity to ask General Michael Flynn a question during a press conference. My question was this: As America First Conservatives, we all want to take back the Republican Party from the RINOs. Yet, President Donald Trump’s endorsements, as of late, have been RINOs. How do we root out the RINOs at the same time Trump is endorsing them?

Here’s his response:

What do you think of General Flynn’s answer? Post in the comments your thoughts about President Trump’s endorsements of Establishment GOP Candidates and flat-out RINOs.

Clearly, the RINOs are working with the Democrats to destroy America, which is evidenced by their pushing for war with Russia and tanking the value of the dollar. One way that I recommend protecting your money is to invest in gold and precious metals. Head on over to Our Gold Guy and fill out the form, letting them know that Jeff Dornik sent you. Ira will get back in touch and help you decide whether investing in gold is right for you.

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