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Gen Michael Flynn Calls Q a Psychological Operation That’s Nothing More Than FairyTales

One subculture within Donald Trump’s following has been the Q Movement, which is predicated on the idea that Donald Trump is playing 5D chess against the Deep State in order to expose them for all to see and not only save the country from the Globalists, but the entire world.

Now, I’ve not been an avid follower of Q, and I’ve only read a few Q drops when they are sent to me. I’ve been someone who takes the position that we should focus on what We the People can do to save the country, as opposed to “Trusting the Plan” and hoping that Trump and the military will come save the day. Whether they do or not is irrelevant to me… I’m on a mission to save this country either way.

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Q has gotten a bad rap, both with the Left and the Conservative movement. Some of it is warranted and some is not.

Over the weekend I attended Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour as press and had the opportunity to attend a press conference with General Michael Flynn. One of the questions that he was asked was about Q, whether he believed it was dangerous and if he denounces the movement. Here’s his response:

“Devin Nunes has been accused of being the lead (of the Q Movement). And I’ve been. And Roger Stone. And all these different people.

"What I would say is follow what you see be true and real. But I will tell you that there’s a lot of people in this country that are looking for hope, and they’re going to their faith-based communities and their churches and congregations for the most part.

"I’ve said this, I’ve been very public about it and I don’t know how many different things: A lot of that stuff is nonsense. I actually think that it’s some kind of scam that somebody’s playing on the American people. When we talk about psychological operations and information warfare… they’ll attack me for this, but I don’t care… trust what you see.

"Like my old man used to say, believe half of what you hear and half of what you see. I can see this lovely woman in front of me. I know what she looks like, I can see her, she’s real to me.

"A lot of this other stuff, I mean, there’s too much fairytale and fairy dust that’s being sprinkled, but the problem, and this is where you’re taking advantage of people that are seeking hope. They’re seeking hope, and that’s ok, because not everybody can do all these things. They just want to go about their daily lives with hope that somebody fixes this thing.

"But, like I said, this is a republic. We need a citizenry that is an engaged citizenry otherwise we fall apart.”

I’ll leave you with this final thought: Focus your attention on what is provable, what is truth. Differentiate between theories and reality. You can believe something to be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. It also doesn’t mean that it’s not. What you believe to be true has no bearing on whether something is or not.

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Whether you are a Q follower or not, it doesn’t make a difference. America is crumbling before our eyes, and we’ve got to get in the game and do our part to save America. If there’s a plan that’s playing out and Donald Trump and the military are going to swoop in and save the day, that’s great. But I’ve got to act as if that’s not going to happen since that belief is nothing more than a theory.

We’ve got a country to save, folks. Let’s get to work!

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