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Elon Musk Just Left Us a Clue as to How We Can Defeat the Woke Left

Elon Musk just dropped $3 billion buying Twitter stock to become the largest shareholder in the company. Prior to making this shopping spree of Twitter stock, Musk teased that he was contemplating making a move to preserve free speech:

"Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy. What should be done?"

Conservatives everywhere cheered for this move, as it appears as if the richest man in the world is going to do something about the censorship and deplatforming many of us have experienced at the hands of the tyrannical Twitter. Even I've been permanently suspended from the Twitterverse for interviewing Black Conservative Jimmy Lee Tillman III and discussing that the Black community was hesitate to get the vax because they remember the Tuskegee Experiments conducted by our own government and the CDC.

My concern with the conservative movement, however, is our response to Musk's massive stock purchase: Everyone's cheering "that rich guy way over there for doing something to protect my Constitutional Rights." This is the wrong lesson from this move.

Elon Musk's strategy of becoming the top shareholder in Twitter is for the purpose of influence. Now he has the largest share of votes, and can move his muscle around within the company to demand free speech. I suspect he'll continue buying stock in the company until they cave to his demands.

This should be an example to all of us.

For decades, conservatives have been fleeing virtually every influential sector of our nation, creating a vacuum for globalists to fill. We've fled Hollywood, Silicon Valley, education, healthcare, the Mainstream Media and even Washington DC. But we sure do know how to complain that all of these sectors are Lefty. What if that's less to do with the Left's brilliance and more to do with our pre-emptive surrender?

When it comes to how we deal with the Woke Leftists running many of these corporations, such as Twitter and Disney, we have to make a conscious decision: Do we attempt to fix them from within or do we challenge them by becoming their competition?

When it comes to social media, there have been many attempts to challenge Twitter and Facebook, but none of have come close, although GETTR and Gab seem the most viable. Elon Musk probably took a look at the landscape, saw that the alternatives were primarily conservative echo chambers and realized if we are going to bring back robust debate and actual free speech, we've got to take over these public companies. So he decided to start buying stock.

This could potentially be our winning strategy to fight back against these Leftists. Instead of always looking to invest in conservative companies (which we surely need to do), maybe we should start coordinating and taking over woke companies. What if conservatives banded together and brought millions of individuals together to buy another 10% of Twitter... then, between Musk and the rest of us, we'd own 20% of the company and would have massive influence and voting power.

While we definitely need to begin working on our own ecosystem and creating alternatives, we can't always surrender the battle where it's being waged. Elon Musk understands this, and that's why he's making a play at Twitter. What if we begin replicating this with Disney, AT&T and even Facebook? If Rumble was willing to offer $100 million to Joe Rogan to come over to that platform, why don't they spend that money buying interest in a woke company where they could not have a significant voice in how they do business.

I'm just throwing ideas out there. It might be the right strategy moving forward. What do you think?

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