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Elon Musk is Unknowingly Exposing Conservatives’ Desire to be Accepted by Those That Hate Us

Conservatives’ desire to be accepted in the mainstream has been the Achilles heel of our movement. It’s led to unnecessary compromise and an unhealthy dependence upon the Globalist Powers-That-Be which has led us to the point today where we are on the bring of The Great Reset.

Have we learned our lesson? It appears not, and Elon Musk is unknowingly revealing it for all to see.

This is nothing new, and we’ve seen bandwagons follow any famous person who says anything even remotely conservative. Here are a few examples:

Kyle Rittenhouse. While it was the right thing to do to have his back after the Left smeared him after he defended himself in the midst of a BLM riot, it was wrong to lift him up on a pedestal as a conservative, given that he came out in support of Black Lives Matter shortly after his court case.

Joe Rogan. The Joe Rogan Experience is a phenomenal podcast that has change the course of open dialogue between opposing points of view, we can’t pretend like Rogan is a conservative. He’s quite progressive in many areas, although there are certain areas that we can align in, especially when it comes to free speech and the Second Amendment. Just remember, he’s a Bernie Sanders guy that has a few instances where he trends libertarian.

Donald Trump. While Donald Trump was the greatest president of my lifetime, for sure, to say that he’s a principled conservative is a bit of a stretch. Sure, he’s definitely for preserving our Constitutional Rights, limiting government in certain instances, capitalism and less foreign wars, but that would more describe a libertarian or, an even better description, a Populist. One of the dangerous trends we’ve seen within the GOP as a result of the Trump presidency is the secularization of the party, which is extremely concerning. Conservatism requires we reject secularism, not embrace it.

This bring us to Elon Musk. Sure, Elon claims to be a free speech advocate, although given the fact that he’s refusing to allow Alex Jones back onto the platform, it’s appearing that he’s not quite the advocate many though he’d be. Additionally, he’s someone that’s tied to the World Economic Forum and is developing technology that will usher in transhumanism, which is a part of the strategy of The Great Reset.

When it comes to Twitter, specifically, conservatives have been complaining about the censorship for years, and rightly so. I, personally, have been permanently suspended from Twitter for discussing the Tuskegee Experiments, and my good friend Matt Couch was banned for sharing my interview with Dr Zelenko.

Many of us have found homes on platforms on GETTR and Gab, both of which are imperfect, but at least we are building our own ecosystem. But as soon as Elon Musk buys Twitter and claims he’ll start letting some of us back on, everyone is chomping on the bit to get back on the Big Tech platform and leave the alternative social medias in the dust.

What does that mean for the future of the conservative movement? If we continue to rely on the companies that control every aspect of our life, we are done as a movement and even as a country. If we want to survive the coming reset, we MUST reject all of the BIGS (Big Tech, Food, Ag, Business, Media, Entertainment, Government, etc), not continually depend on them.

As long as we depend on the elites, they control us. We will only truly be free once we cannot be controlled. That means that we must, by definition, be willing to walk away from the easy button, forging ahead through the difficult path of becoming self-reliant.

Sure, Twitter may say that they’ll let conservatives back on, but then tomorrow they have the ability to shut you down if you refuse to get Elon Musk’s brain chip that erases and replaces your memories, for example. You will always be beholden to the powers-that-be, whoever they are.

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Make sure you catch this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Clay Clark:



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