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Dr Peter McCullough Warns That Donald Trump is Blowing the Greatest Political Opportunity of All Tim

During my latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I had the honor of speaking to Dr Peter McCullough, one of the leading voices from within the medical community when it comes to covid and the jabs.

I asked him about President Trump’s response to covid and his continue support and promotion of the “vaccines,” and he shared that he believes that President Trump is blowing the greatest political opportunity of all time.

Here’s what he said:

“I think Trump should’ve been honest with the American people from the beginning. He should have told them that American research funded and engineered the SARS Cov2 spike protein, that it was US research, that it was offshored in Wuhan, China, that there must’ve been some break of biosecurity there and the virus got out, that this was a part of a US biological threat program just like anthrax, smallpox, monkeypox, that we are working on SARS Cov-2 as a threat and working on monoclonal antibodies and vaccines as an answer.

“I think he should’ve been honest about the ADEPT P3 programs, it’s right there on their website. People can just click on it and look at it. Say, “Listen, we’ve been working on messenger RNA for twelve years.” It’s not like they were invented tomorrow. Americans are not gullible.

“You know, Moderna within three days of Trump’s announcement said that they have a vaccine. You can’t develop a vaccine in three days. Obviously, they’ve been working on it for ten years.

“Trump should’ve been honest with America. He was the only person who had a chance to stop this disaster, and I think it’s very notable that he received the McCullough Protocol… and he got through Covid-19. If Trump would’ve come out and said, “I want every senior citizen to be treated like I was, and we want to focus on treatment of high-risk patients and reduce the risk of hospitalization and death,” that’s the leadership I would want to see, that I would’ve given if I were president and in a leadership role. That would’ve change the complexion of things greatly. We would’ve avoided two-thirds of ten million hospitalizations and a millions lives lost…

“If I were in Trump’s role, America would not have gone down this disastrous road. Instead, Trump led us there. He couldn’t level with America. Now we’re three years into it, and I think he’s in deep trouble, myself.

“He has three options: One that he simply doesn’t know or understand after three years. That’s a really bad place to be. Number two, that he knows the vaccines are unsafe and not effective and he doesn’t care. He’s just going to stand behind them. And then Number three, he’s in on it. He’s in on some master plan that’s horrible for the earth. So he has three bad options right now. I think he’s in deep trouble.

“I’ve spoken twice ahead of him on stage at CPAC, and he has captured the energy of America, I go on with a lot of his advocates like Steve Bannon and Wayne Allyn Root. They love Trump.

“I think if Trump could just reduce the number of words he says and simply level with America with what’s wrong and that he recognizes the vaccines are unsafe, ineffective, shouldn’t be mandated and get them off the market, he’d have the whole country behind him. He has the greatest political opportunity of all time, and right now he’s basically blowing it…”

You can watch my entire conversation with Dr McCullough below:

You can also catch the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring Denise McAllister:

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