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Brandon Straka: The Democrats Have No Boundaries When They Set Out to Destroy You

The Democrats have no boundaries when they set out to destroy you... and don't expect the Republican Party to have your back.

Brandon Straka has learned first-hand what happens when the Democrats set their sights to destroy you. After January 6th, they set out to destroy the founder of the WalkAway Movement, despite the fact that he didn’t enter the Capitol, nor did he incite any violence, whatsoever. But that didn’t stop the Dems.

It’s clear that they wanted to make an example of him, so they put him through the ringer. Why? Most likely because he’s been a thorn in their side because of his constant red-pilling of Democrat voters and waking them up to their need to Walk Away from their party.

The reality is, however, that we know just how evil the Democrat Party is. They’ll do anything to win, and they have no principles or morality to hold them back. They literally have no boundaries… nothing is too far for them. It just comes down to holding onto power and eliminating anyone in their path.

The problem, however, is that the Republican Party is often times spineless. As Brandon explained in my conversation with him on The Jeff Dornik Show, we can’t expect the GOP to have your back when the Dems come after you. They’ll throw you to the wolves… and they did with Brandon.

They also have thrown the J6ers to the wolves, as well. These men and women have been held in prison without bail for years now, and all for misdemeanor crimes that they are accused of on January 6th. Where has the Republican Party been? Where’s Donald Trump been? Nowhere to be seen.

This is where we, the American people, need to rise up and have each other’s back. We can’t rely on the GOP, because they are often nothing more than a uniparty with the Dems. Instead, we’ve got to support each other as we take on the swamp that is doing everything it can to hold onto power.

Another conservative that has been attacked by the Left is Mike Lindell… all because he supports Donald Trump and is exposing Election Fraud. That’s why we need to support him by shopping at MyPillow. Use code FFN for up to 66% off of everything on their site, from slippers to sheets to pillows. Click here to order.

Watch my full interview with Brandon Straka:

Here’s the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, where I discussed why it seems like we can’t get any wins despite having the truth on our side:

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