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Dr Jim Thorp Fired by Hospital After Telling the Truth About Covid Jabs' Impact on Pregnant Women

“Pushing of these experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ globally is the greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine, maybe humanity. Particularly when it comes to administering these vaccines to pregnant women.

“The reality about the dangers of pregnant women taking the COVID-19 vaccine is terrifying. FDA / CDC’s own data are unequivocal and irrefutable - it is dangerous and DEADLY. Pfizer’s own data reveal that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are the deadliest medical intervention EVER rolled out. Multiple other independent sources CONFIRM these findings.

“The medical industrial complex is corrupt and have captured the medical journals and medical boards threatening healthcare workers who dare to question this false narrative and forcing them into their ‘covenant with death’ which they have signed to receive COVID-19 government ‘grants.’ Captured by the corrupt pharmaceutical companies, the greatest lies emanate from what some erroneously perceive as ‘the most prestigious medical journals globally.’ Corrupt manipulated articles published in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine push a completely false and lethal narrative that this experimental genetic therapy, masqueraded as a vaccine, is safe, effective and necessary in pregnant women.

“Women who received the COVID-19 vaccines have major adverse impacts on fertility, severe menstrual abnormalities, miscarriages, fetal death (stillbirth), fetal malformations, placental abnormalities, fetal growth restriction, severe early onset preeclampsia, spontaneous and indicated premature deliveries, placental thrombosis, severe postpartum hemorrhage and many other obstetrical complications.

“Even if you were to question my findings and those of many others, Pfizer’s own numbers tell a chilling tale. According to Pfizer, as of February 28, 2021, 46% of pregnant women who received the vaccine had complications, a fetal death rate at 5 times the normal rate, a neonatal death rate at almost 8 times the normal rate, and breastfeeding complications in almost 15% of babies. The CDC FDA VSAFE system was adopted because VAERS was open source and they could more easily manipulate VSAFE, but it too showed disastrous outcomes.

“Big pharma, the medical industrial complex and the government bureaucracy don’t want the public to know the truth, which is why they are hell-bent on punishing any doctor or medical professional who comes forward.

“This isn’t about trusting the science, this is about ignoring the science, hiding the science, corrupting the science, all in the name of protecting the bottom line of big pharma.

“Telling the truth is my obligation as a physician. I will never compromise my ethics in order to protect the financial interests of any corporation.”

Every day that goes by, we're learning more and more about the toxicity of these covid jabs. By definition, according to US Code, they are bioweapons. The question is, what do you do if you've either been injected with it or have been in contact with those that are jabbed? Obviously, you need to talk to your doctor who understands the adverse reactions. But you can also take control of your health with this heavy metal and toxin detox from Touchstone Essentials called Pure Body Extra. It comes recommended by both Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Karen Kingston. Click here to save $50 on your first order.



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