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Don't Be A Conspiracy Hunter

Our movement's desire to find the next massive bombshell is actually demobilizing our movement from action.

Ever since 2020, it seems as if all of our conspiracy theories are coming true. Our elections are rigged, the globalist elite are attempting to establish the New World Order, the covid “vaccines” are designed to injure, disable and kill, the CIA was involved in assassinating JFK, transhumanists can hack your brain. I can go on and on.

At a certain point, it can all become overwhelming and demotivating when you think about how the secret cabal of globalist elites are manipulating the world’s population to hand over our freedom to these evil supervillains to rule and dominate the world.

The other trap that we can fall into is to become a conspiracy hunter, which is equally as dangerous.

With so many of our theories proving to be true, it can give you a sort of high. A rush. And many are becoming addicted to that, and many of our leaders understand this, which is why so many of the shows seem to be simply trying to top each other with a more salacious and inflammatory headline. “Joe Biden is a robot!” “The covid jab is alien technology!” “They’re poisoning the water with snake venom!”

While some of the headlines can even be true, I would argue that at times we can get sucked into just searching for the next conspiracy to uncover. But the question becomes, is this actually beneficial?

On one hand, the truth is the truth, and we should always want to expose the truth wherever it takes us. On the other hand, however, if all we do is uncover the truth and don’t do anything to stop the conspiracy from being implemented, what good does the truth do us?

Think about it… if you understand that transhumanism is the downfall of humanity as we know it and that they’ll be able to erase our memories and control us from within without us even realizing it, what good does it do us to know that this is true unless we follow up with action?

Sometimes the powers-that-be actually deceive us by telling us the truth, as long as that truth either distracts us from a more important truth OR it demobilizes us from doing anything about the truth. This is one of the reasons we have the 24 hour news cycle, as there’s always breaking news and we never have enough time to do anything about the latest revelation before the next headline is blasted at us.

Maybe it’s time that we take a step back, take a look at the big picture and ask ourselves what’s the main thing going on that needs to be stopped. What’s something that I can do right now to help fix the mess we find ourselves in.

Maybe that’s getting involved in your local GOP. Maybe that’s starting a podcast to discuss important issues. Maybe that’s putting pressure on your local politicians to declare the covid jab a bioweapon and ban it in your communities. Maybe it’s running for office. Maybe it’s registering voters. Maybe it’s running for school board. It could be any number of things.

My main point, though, is to get you to take a look at your life and ask yourself, what am I doing to make a difference? We’ve got enough conspiracy hunters that are dropping bombshells by the dozens. We don’t need anymore of that. What we need are We The People to rise up and actually do something to stop the powers-that-be from implementing their demonic and sinister plans.

So, with all that said… what are you going to do right now to take a baby step in the right direction in hopes of saving America and humanity as we know it? We are running out of time and our only chance is immediate and massive action.

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Colt Baldwin
Colt Baldwin
11. Feb. 2023

We're not "searching" for conspiracy theories. For years, it's been about avoiding corporate mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WAPO, et al) - avoiding the lies, spin, and propaganda. That leads us to dozens of alternative news sites, most of them online. Every once in a while, you run across a whackjob theory - usually repeated from sources like Q-anon or Simon Parkes. They're easy to spot and routinely ignored by anyone with two frontal lobes.

Truth is what's being searched for. Unfortunately, the truth is often more preposterous and unbelievable than a conspiracy theory - so much so that the perpetrators have free reign to do their thing. Who would've ever thought that a handful of diabolical globalists could succeed…

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