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Democrat Mayor Declares March 10th a Holiday Celebrating the Murder of Babies

The Democrat Party hates God. We all know that. One of the most obvious proofs of this is their utter depravity when it comes to the murdering of babies. No longer is their policy "safe, legal and rare," but actually promoted.

As Christians and Conservatives, we cannot tolerate this. We need to stand up for the unborn, defending their right to life. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is going to do everything they can to promote the murder of babies in the womb, going so far as to celebrate as a holiday.

The Republican Standard reported about an upcoming holiday established by a Democrat mayor celebrating the graphically horrific dismembering and murder of babies:

Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson would like you to know that March 10th is the day we celebrate the act of dismembering a baby into six pieces before selling her body parts on the open market as an act of choice.

If you think that’s outrageous, don’t worry. It gets worse:

They could have just said Happy Ralph Northam Day, right?

Perhaps we could start issuing the Kermit Gosnell Award for Piles of Dead Babies? Yet these people pretend to scold the rest of us on “social justice” while standing on a pile of dead babies.

No word on whether other localities will be following through on their own personal Ralph Northam Days.

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