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Democrat in Congress Confirms Joe Biden DID Talk Business with Hunter

Joe Biden, for years already, over and over has insisted that he “never” talked with son Hunter about Hunter’s business schemes.

Never, ever, Joe Biden has repeated.

He’s even gotten angry with reporters asking about evidence to the contrary.

Now a Democrat in Congress has let slip confirmation that Joe Biden has indeed talked with son Hunter about those very business deals.

The issue is before Congress – and the American voting population – because of confirmation from investigators in Congress that Biden family members did take in tens of millions of dollars from overseas interests in recent years.

In fact, there are charges Joe and Hunter Biden each took $5 million bribes, and members of Congress say they are compiling a list of official actions Joe Biden possibly changed following some of those payments.

It is Fox News that confirmed that Democrat U.S. Rep. Dan Goldman now is being mocked online for, during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the investigation into Hunter Biden’s actions, contradicting the president.

“During testimony from two IRS whistleblowers in a House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Wednesday, Goldman pressed IRS supervisor Gary Shapley about his testimony that Hunter Biden told his dad he ‘may be trying to start a company or try do something with these guys.’ Goldman then told Shapley that this ‘doesn’t sound much like Joe Biden was involved in whatever Hunter Biden was doing with the [Chinese oil and natural gas company] CEFC if Hunter Biden is telling him that he’s trying to do business with them, does it?'”

Shapley agree, but then he pointed out it shows Joe Biden talked with Hunter about business.

The “gotcha” comments immediately rolled in.

“Democrat Dan Goldman, coverup artist for the Biden crime family, made the case for the appointment of a special counsel (not that he needed to, since the case is and has been overwhelming),” conservative radio host Mark Levin tweeted.

“And the funniest thing is how smug Goldman is while stepping on all these rakes,” Washington Free Beacon reporter Chuck Ross tweeted.

“Rep. Goldman just tripped the wire on Joe Biden,” said Fox News contributor and law professor Jonathan Turley, a registered Democrat. “In trying to grill the whistleblowers to show that there is no evidence that Joe Biden was involved, he elicited an answer that the witnesses established that Joe Biden did discuss business deals of Hunter with the Chinese.”

Goldman responded, online, to Turley, complaining, “This is the skewed perspective of an academic who has never tried a case. Hunter asked his dad to say hello to some potential biz partners. Evidence shows that Prez Biden knew nothing about the business (including its name) nor was involved in it in any way. Time to move on.”

Turley then had to set the record straight for Goldman.

“Rep. Goldman’s tweet will come as a surprise to my criminal defense and civil clients including my current national security case in the Eastern District of Virginia,” Turley said. “Yet, this is par for the course on making objections without foundation. Of course, in whatever litigation experience I may have, I try to not take over arguments for my opposing counsel. Of course, it takes a truly experienced lawyer to make arguments for both sides in the same hearing.”

Biden, dating back years, claimed, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” Just days ago, he got upset when asked by Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich if he lied about never talking business with Hunter.


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