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Could the Egg Shortage Really Have to do with the Powers-That-Be Wanting More Infected with Covid?

Matt Couch posted a bombshell report on The DC Patriot showing that eggs are actually beneficial in fighting covid.

There are so many “coincidences” occurring over the past couple of years that it really makes you wonder whether anything is actually a coincidence. When you stop and think about it, how can this many life-altering events happen in such a short period of time? Covid, election fraud, monkeypox, gas prices, supply chain issues… the list goes on. What are the odds that all of these things would randomly occur in such a short period of time?

As we dig deeper into most of these issues, we realize that nothing is coincidence, everything is going according to the plan of the Globalist Elites. Everything is hurtling us towards The Great Reset, which will forever change humanity as we know it on so many levels. Covid has been key to ushering in this New World Order.

The elites the masses to believe that covid was going to wipe out a massive portion of the population, so they did everything they could to ramp up the numbers to make it seem scarier than it actually was. This means that they counted cases and deaths as occurring “with covid” instead of “due to covid.” They also combatted the legitimate forms of treatment that are safe and effective, including HCQ, Ivermectin, NAC, Zinc and Vitamin D. Instead, they pushed the bioweapon injections, ventilators and Remdesivir, all of which are killing people.

So what does all of this have to do with the egg shortage?

Matt Couch posted a bombshell report at The DC Patriot titled: Where’d the Eggs Go? Multiple Studies Show Egg Yolk Antibodies Block the Binding of Multiple SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) Spike Protein Variants in BOMBSHELL REPORT. In the article, he cites peer-reviewed studies that are posted on the NIH that show that egg yolks are actually effective at keeping SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins from binding to human ACE2 receptors.

Matt wrote:

You know how there’s a massive egg shortage and egg farms keep burning down all over America? Eggs are now over $10 per dozen in many places. Meanwhile you keep asking yourself “Why is this happening, sure seems odd?”

Well, we might have the answer to that, and conspiracy theorists be damned.

Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Variants to human ACE2. We’re serious, and we’ve got the studies, links, and it’s all from our own National Institute of Health right here in America.

Is that why eggs are disappearing at an alarming rate? Is that why chicken farms are being destroyed? We don’t know, but it sure is a “what the hell is happening here” moment, isn’t it?

This is absolutely astonishing, as we were just pointed to this late Wednesday afternoon. The National Institute of Health’s own studies shows that Chicken Egg Yolk antibodies actually block the binding of multiple SARS-COV-2 Spike protein variants to human ACE2.

It would appear that the powers-that-be are now treating egg yolks in the same fashion that they did Ivermectin and HCQ… doing whatever they can to get people to stop eating eggs, whether through propaganda or by getting them off the market.

Just a few weeks ago, there were reports going around that it wasn’t the covid jabs that was creating blood clots in its victims, but actually eggs. This Newspunch article discussed this at length, citing a Cleveland Clinic study.

This came out just as the egg shortage was really ramping up. According to reports, approximately 57 million chickens were killed due to the bird flu. During my research for this article, I attempted to discover how many cases of the bird flu were being reported. All I could find was that 57 million chickens were affected and, thus, put down.

Reports then began coming in that the reason the chickens stopped laying eggs was because of the feed. The TikTok user PigahPreschool, who is raising chickens, reported that her chickens stopped laying eggs recently, until she stopped giving them their regular feed. At that point, the chickens started laying eggs again.

Here’s her videos:

So on top the bird flu, apparently the chicken feed was stopping the chickens from producing eggs. And don’t forget all those fires on chicken farms happening around the country, as The DC Patriot has been reporting.

As we begin piecing this all together, the theory that this is all connect makes more sense. After seeing how the powers-that-be dealt with HCQ and Ivermectin, it’s no wonder they’ve now set their sights on eggs, which is yet another effective way to protect people from contracting covid. I would argue that, statistically speaking, egg yolk is more effective at stopping transmission of covid than the bioweapon injection.

To help you grasp all that I’ve pieced together in your mind, there’s an Instagrammer The Girl Named Blake, whose Substack is Confessions of a Crappy Christian After Dark, who broke it all down quickly and logically in a short Reel. Click here to watch.

Since we are talking about covid prevention, it’s so important that we focus on building up our natural immunity so that our body is ready to defend itself against whatever bioweapon or virus is thrown our way. Make sure that you are eating right, eating a lot of eggs, exercising, getting out in the sun and stocking up on Dr Zelenko’s Z-Stack, Z-DTOX and Z-Flu, which is all designed to boost your immune system. Use code FREEDOM when you order.

Be sure to watch the latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Pastor Brian Gibson discussing the coming CBDC:



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