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China Implements Insane Covid Restrictions Dr Oz & Dems Could Only Dream Of

Updated: May 23, 2022

We've seen over the last couple of years how the Democrat governors and government officials have competed with each other for who could be the most tyrannical dictator when it comes to covid lockdowns. Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and several other governors all competed for the worst... but China is setting the example that the Dems are sure to follow in the near future. Even Dr Oz was a supporter of China's lockdown efforts before he decided to run as a RINO candidate fraudulently claiming to be a Donald Trump America First candidate.

According to the BBC:

Shanghai officials will over the next few days further restrict access to food and hospitals in some parts of the city, the most severe phase of its extended lockdown yet.

Commercial food deliveries are not allowed and access to hospitals for all but emergencies must first be approved.

Neighbours of Covid-19 cases and others living close by are also being forced into government quarantine facilities.

Shanghai is now in its seventh week of city-wide restrictions.

Here in America, we've dealt with mask mandates, vaccine requirements, businesses shutdown, jobs lost, schools closed and so much more. And while we've got supply chain issues that have been created by the Biden Regime, China is taking tyranny to a whole new level by both restricting access to food and emergency rooms.

Would not be surprised if the Dems and Chinese-owned Republicans begin implementing this stateside in the near future.

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