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Chief Propagandist Jen Psaki Uses Anti-Vax Language To Defend FDA Pulling Monoclonal Antibodies EUA

The Biden Regime's Chief Propagandist Jen Psaki struggled to explain the FDA's withdrawal of the monoclonal antibodies' Emergency Use Authorization.

"What the FDA is making clear is that these treatments, the one that they are fighting over - that the governor is fighting over - do not work against Omicron, and they have side effects. That is what the scientists are saying."

The utter hypocrisy should be blatant for all to see. Monoclonal antibodies HAVE been very effective at combatting Covid-19. But you know what hasn't? That's right, the supposed "vaccines."

While claiming that the monoclonal antibodies do not work, the Biden Regime continually promotes the Covid-19 mRNA injections, despite it being glaringly obvious that they do not stop you from contracting Covid, nor do they prevent you from spreading it. On top of that, according to the CDC, it's effectiveness is extremely low, especially compared to natural immunity. Plus, people that are fully vaxxed are still getting Covid-19 and dying in the hospitals.

The data on the VAERS website should be more than enough evidence to pull the "vaccines" from use. You know why they aren't? More than likely it comes down to money... the federal government bought WAY too many Jabs that are just sitting in warehouses and they need to get them in jabbed into people's arms before they expire.

The FDA did not explain their decision to pull the monoclonal antibodies' EUA. Psaki claimed it's because they "do not work against Omicron, and they have side effects."

Can someone please explain to me the side effects? I'm sure there are, but I've not seen it documented anywhere. Do you know what does have side effects documented clearly for all to see? Yes, you guessed it, the mRNA "vaccine."

So while they are pulling an effective treatment of monoclonal antibodies and banning its use in the United States of America because they claim it doesn't work and there are side effects, they are ignoring the ineffectiveness and side effects of the vax that they are attempting to mandate across the country.

This kind of medical tyranny is exactly what motivated us to put together the February 5th event American Action Summit: End Medical Tyranny. Speakers like Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Mark Sherwood, Pastor Greg Locke and Mindy Robinson will give you actionable steps that you can to take to protect your Constitutional Rights and Medical Freedom.

Get registered for this event ASAP, as space is limited. It will be taking place in three locations across the country: Tennessee, Ohio and Iowa. Additionally, if you can't be there in person, register for the livestream.

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Hey Jen... all you said was the MCAB treaments were not effective against Omicron (proof?), but you didn't mention Delta which is still running around.


Eric L
Eric L
Jan 25, 2022

Our small hospital has given about 1,000 monoclonal AB treatments and we have had no side effects, or even infusion reactions (or the patients did not call to tell us if they did have a side effect days/weeks later). Not so with the vaccine. A few weeks ago for example we gave an elderly man who was about to discharge a dose of vaccine . . .within 10 minutes he became unresponsive, mimicking stroke symptoms. It took 15 minutes for him to recover speech and some level of affect. The doctor and ICU charge looked at me like I was bonkers when I suggested his symptoms may be related to his covid vax from 10 minutes earlier!

Ginger Li
Ginger Li
Jan 26, 2022
Replying to

They're involved in a conspiracy of lies. Not only are the vaccines ineffective for the purposes touted, but they are actually dangerous health and life threatening poisons. One would have been amazed by the real life clinical revelations exposed during Senator Ron Johnson's 'Second Opinion' Hearing yesterday. Some of it is difficult to follow, but one point stood out - the vaccines disrupt genetic mechanisms, creating spike protein poisons that replace your own DNA i.e. it highjacks your own replicating mechanisms. People may find themselves genetically crippled well beyond this point in their lives. Perhaps killing people was the whole purpose from the start - millions are beginning to regret ever having been bullied into taking the vaccines.

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