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Woke California's All-Worker Vaccine Mandate Bill Has Failed

California is about as woke of a state as they get. The proposed legislation put forth by the progressive Democrats each year are insane and out-of-control. It's no surprise that a recent attempt by CA Dems to require Poison Death Shots for anyone who wants to earn a living and put food on their family's table was looking like it would pass...

However, today, Buffy Wicks (CA State Assemblywoman from the East Bay) has announced that AB1933, the all-worker vaccine mandate, has failed to gain enough votes to pass. Surprisingly, the Democrats couldn't even get the worker safety unions on their side, which typically fall in line with Lefty mandates and bills.

Wicks made the announcement on Twitter:

Here's her full announcement:

Today I'm announcing that I have made a decision to hold #AB1993, which would require all California businesses to require their employees and independent contractors to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our priority during this pandemic has been to make sure all Californians are as safe as possible by following the data and science around public health — which is why California continues to have some of the lowest COVID case rates, deaths and injuries per capita.

This provides for us the opportunity to work more collaboratively with labor and employers to address concerns raised by the bill. That is why we have decided to put AB 1993 on pause, and allow space for these conversations to continue and progress.

While I’m disappointed in the opposition to our bill by public safety unions, it’s my hope that they'll ultimately come to the table to make sure all of their workers are vaccinated—& that every job sector in CA has the tools necessary to keep their workers safe from COVID.

Vaccines, and vaccine requirements, remain a critical tool for moving from pandemic to endemic. That work is still needed, and it could still ensure that millions more Californians become vaccinated.

We will continue to monitor new variants and waves, engage with stakeholders on all sides, listen to our public health experts, and be prepared to take action to keep our workers safe and our economy moving.

This should be encouraging that even the most progressive state in America could not pass statewide vaccine mandates for workers. However, we cannot let up the pressure and must continue to fight for Medical Freedom. The battle has only just begun.

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