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AOC Claims the Real Patriots are Drag Queens

When you hear the word Patriot, it's often a term dedicated to those who love this country. It could be someone in the military, an elected official who defends freedom or any American who loves this country and is willing to do something to preserve our Constitutional Rights.

As always, however, the Left is constantly redefining terms. The latest attempt is AOC redefining Patriot from being someone who loves this country to men who like to dress up like women. Or, in other words, drag queens. Seriously, you can't make this up.

This just goes to show how far extreme the Democrat Party has gotten. No longer are they just seeking tolerance. No longer are they people who love America, but just disagree with the GOP on the role of government. Now they are the re-definers of truth and morality.

To the Democrats and AOC, drag queens that are promoting cross dressing, transgenderism and LGBTQ to little kids are the real patriots.

Conservatives have largely gotten out of the culture war, which has left a vacuum for insane liberals like AOC to fill. If we want to save America, it's not going to be over lower taxes and limited government. It's going to be that we win the culture war. Unfortunately, it seems like we are barely even putting up a fight.

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