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A call to suspend the circular firing squad within the discernment world

I've always said that the parallels between The Swamp in DC and that of Evangelicalism are uncanny. Many of the same scandals and corruption found within the political class are found among our Christian Church leaders. We are witnessing yet another example of this occurring right in front of us.

The Establishment Republican leadership is attempting to go back to business-as-usual after the debacle of the stolen 2020 Election. They refuse to confront election fraud and do little more than feign opposition to our Constitutional Rights being stripped away under the guise of Covid-19. The "vaccines"? They only oppose the mandates, not the vax itself.

The GOP leadership is a part of the Swamp that needs to be drained. They aren't doing their job and defending our Constitutional Rights that they swore to uphold. Instead, they are just positioning themselves to simply get re-elected, doing the bare minimum required to claim that they are fighting on our behalf.

The Evangelical Leadership is doing the exact same thing. In fact, it's not just the mainstream celebrity pastors, but even the supposed "discernment" bloggers, pastors and podcasters. There is a spiritual war going on over the soul of America, and our Christian leaders are wanting to go back to business-as-usual, fighting the same petty theological fights that were being waged pre-2020.

You've got the same old and tired Protestia/Pulpit & Pen/BTWN crowd attacking anyone that they possible can. They dunk on Charismatic false teachers, TMZ style gossip pieces on any pastor that they can think of... and even today they're still harping on pastors like Greg Locke over whether or not his divorce and remarriage was biblical or the fact that he claimed a miracle occurred at their church.

Meanwhile, our nation is crumbling before our eyes, the church has lost all semblance of influence for the Gospel and we have a lost population of Americans that are being hoodwinked by the progressive left as they attempt to usher in the New World Order (aka The Great Reset)... or, in other words, the one world government, religion and currency of the anti-christ.

Pastors on both sides of the Calvinism debate are attempting to dunk on each other over the James White vs William Lane Craig debate over Calvinism, all while millions of babies are being murdered every year in this country. We've got evangelical leaders playing personality politics while pulpits are preaching the false gospel of the social justice movement.

At a certain point, we've got ask ourselves... are we losing the war in order to win the battle? What good is fighting to the death over charismatic theology, eschatology or even Calvinism when we are losing the war to the enemy?

Are many of these debates and fights important? Absolutely. I surely believe that we need to have more debates, conversations and discussions over theological positions, always comparing them with Scripture to ultimately align ourselves with God's Word.

With that said, while the entire world is crumbling all around us, our Christian leaders are ignoring what's actually going on and attempting to go back to their own wheelhouses, fighting the battles they are comfortable in. Justin Peters is going to continue dunking on the blatantly heretical false teachers. Protestia is going to nit-pick on anything they possibly can with Pastor Greg Locke. And Tim Hurd's Bible Thumping Wingnut will continue to glorify every little thing that Pastor John MacArthur says and does.

What do we gain from all of this? Absolutely nothing.

We've got a country to save, folks. We are going to lose if we continue to necessarily divide ourselves into tiny little tribes.

I'd like to offer a solution... which might ruffle some feathers among those who thrive on causing division wherever they possibly can. In fact, many "ministries" have been built on nothing more than attacking others, so they wouldn't know how to raise money off of anything but controversy.

Here's my proposition: Let's unify with our brothers and sisters in Christ and, dare I say it, even the lost over issues that we agree upon. At the same time, we can continue to divide over specific issues, as we are called to Biblically do. However, I would argue that we've got to use a bit more discernment than the usual all-or-nothing approach that many "discernment" guys typically use.

Remember, partnering with a Catholic to end abortion is not an endorsement of their false belief system. Joining forces with a Charismatic to ban Critical Race Theory from public schools is not a promotion of speaking in tongues.

It all comes down to what is the premise of your partnership. Many will remember that I took a strong stance against James White's interfaith dialogue with a Muslim Imam. My issue with that dialogue was that both Islam and Christianity were put on the same playing field and treated as equals, even going so far as to attempt to find common ground among the two religions. That is not what I am talking about here.

What I'm encouraging is not an acceptance of error or and endorsement of false teaching or false religions. Rather, I'm encouraging a focus on truth. Is abortion murder? If you believe it is, then you should join forces with whomever you can to end the tragic and purely evil murder of babies. Do you believe that The Great Reset is an attempt to establish the one-world religion predicted in the book of Revelation? Then you should go to battle against the evil globalists with those that oppose them.

As long as the premise of that partnership is in no way an endorsement of false teaching or error, I'll partner with anybody. For example, Glenn Beck is a Mormon. I'd gladly partner with the guy in exposing the Deep State and taking down the globalist agenda. However, if he's going to bring his Mormon faith into the discussion, turning the political platform into an interfaith agenda, I'd separate from that in a heartbeat.

Discernment is more than simply separating from every person that we could possibly disagree with. Instead, it's discerning what's true and false... or, as Charles Spurgeon put it, telling the difference between "right and almost right."

Many within the "discernment industry" would do well to actually use a little discernment. Understand the spiritual war that we are waging here in America. It's not just Democrat vs Republican, left vs right... it's good vs evil.

How do we win the war? Set aside our theological battles and focus on the war at hand. Get out there and preach the Gospel, save the lost and point them towards Christ. Faithfully proclaim the truth about our Constitutional Rights that are given to us by God, expose the deep conspiracy behind Covid and the danger behind The Jab, help save the lives of the unborn that are being murdered daily and stop the CRT and LGBTQ indoctrination in the schools.

America has been conquered by the Left, just as we exposed in the book Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America. Can America be saved? Only by the power of God. If we learn anything from history, it's the God works through the faithful obedience of a few faithful and obedient believers.

As Christians, let's focus on the important fight, which is the war over the soul of this nation. Once America has been saved, then we can go back to debating the hot-button issues. Once we have revival in this land, then we can go back to fighting over our theological variances. But let's put the horse before the cart.... we've got a country to save, both physically and spiritually.




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