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Zelenskyy Says American’s Will Have to Send Their Sons and Daughters to Die in the Ukraine

In an astonishing video as he addresses the media, Ukrainian President Voldimor Zelenskyy says that American people will have to send their sons and daughters to die in the Ukraine.

He’s referring to if the Ukraine loses the war to Russia, and we say, the hell we will.

Imagine being such an arrogant bastard as you receive billions of dollars, sit in your mansions, own mansions in Florida in the United States, travel around the world and go on talk shows, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. Then to say that Americans are going to have to send their sons and daughters to die in the Ukraine? We don’t think so scooter.

Conservatives like our own Matt Couch and Host of Bob and Eric Save America Eric Matheny laid into Zelenskyy hard, as they should!

“Go to hell, Zelenskyy. My kids ain’t dying for Ukraine.“ - Eric Matheny

Insane Tyrant who imprisons political rivals and leads Nazi Battalions says the US will have to send their sons and daughters to fight in the Ukraine.. The Hell We Will… The Hell We Will…“ - Matt Couch

Will your kids being going to die in a war in the Ukraine? Ours won’t!

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This article was originally posted by our good friends at The DC Patriot.

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