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WV Gubernatorial Candidate Calls on Teachers to Stop Indoctrinating Students & Defend Their Rights

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with J.B. McCuskey, West Virginia's Republican State Auditor.

Mr. McCuskey is running for his state's governorship. He identifies himself as a Christian, a nationalist and a lawyer. He argues that the Republican supermajority in the West Virginia legislature has used just one tool to bring the state to its current economic prosperity, the growing number of businesses and young families moving into the state, and the state's increasingly bright all-around future; namely, undo everything that has been done by Democrats and refusing to take any measures the Democrats would take.

The fact is, Mr. McCuskey said, that for the first time in a long-time, policies are being developed in and for the state. Overall, these improvements, the noted supermajority, and the state government's steadiness is based on a value-set that has long represented the values of almost all West Virginians.

Mr. McCuskey said that as governor he would try to create a better-qualified and better-paid corps of teachers that can be relied on to defend the rights of school kids and their parents to rely on teachers not to indoctrinate kids with the depraved ideas of the Democrats.

Mr. McCuskey also said that he would work with the legislature to push a great deal of the current state school board's powers -- particularly curriculum -- down to the lowest possible governmental level, which has always been the level of government that is most responsive to the needs of both parents and their children.

Note from the Editor: We need more local officials like McCuskey to stand up for our Constitutional Rights and defend our school children from the indoctrination tactics of the Left. We also need to begin to understand these tactics so that we can counter them. A great resource would be Jeff Dornik's upcoming book Following the Leader, which details the history of the development of these brainwashing techniques developed by the intelligence agencies within the cults. Pre-order a signed copy here.



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