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Words Matter: Stop Calling the Bioweapon Injection a Vaccine or Gene Therapy

It’s clear that we find ourselves in the midst of multiple psyops, all designed to create chaos and force the American people to question reality. During the covid “plandemic,” we were told to believe that literally everyone was dying from covid, despite the fact that it was the elderly and immunocompromised. We could see that this was the truth, yet the masses were terrified that if you catch covid you’d die, no matter how strong and healthy you were.

Now we are being told to not trust our own eyes when we see athlete after athlete and young healthy people suddenly dying from heart failure. The powers-that-be tell us this is normal or try to come up with some excuse. Everyone truly knows that this is a result of the covid jabs. Yet, the gaslighting within our Mainstream Media is quite effective.

Even within our own movement, we are dealing with psyops that are putting our opposition to the covid jabs at a disadvantage. Everyone is referring to them either as vaccines or gene therapies. Both of these are simply wrong, and have negative ramifications for our movement.

When you use the words “vaccine” or “gene therapy,” it implies that they are a net positive. Or, at the very least, intended to be a positive treatment. The reality is that these shots are neither, but instead are bioweapons, according to US Code.

Let me explain it this way…

As soon as you use the word vaccine in regards to the covid bioweapon injection, the immediate thought of the listener is that the shot CAN be helpful. The way that our side is positioning the argument is that these are vaccines gone rogue with side effects and adverse reactions.

The reality is that there are no “side effects”… they are all intended effects. Big Pharma knew that these myocarditis and the rest of the “adverse reactions” would occur, because it’s the natural result of this technology. We know that they knew based upon the fact that they went to great lengths to cover it up and intentionally mislead the American public.

What we know now is that these bioweapon injections do NOT stop you from contracting covid, spreading covid, getting seriously ill from covid, going to the hospital from covid or die from covid. Instead, they multiply your chances of having any of these events occur. On top of that, they are designed to create injury, disability and death. Vaccines don’t do this, nor do gene therapies. Only bioweapons.

Many ask me why it seems like so many people are not waking up to the reality of what’s really going on. A contributing factor may be our wording. We need to stop borrowing the words and definitions of the Left and, instead, be truthful in our descriptions. As long as we call them vaccines, it’s an uphill subjective battle of attempting to claim that the risk outweighs the reward. However, when you make the case that it’s a bioweapon, there is no reward, only risk.

It’s time we start using the proper terminology when describing these injections if we want any chance of being successful in our fight to get these off the market and hold those responsible for injecting the masses with this demonic technology.

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