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Why Shelf-Stable Beef Will Be an Extremely Valuable Commodity in the Near Future

Between rising food prices, draught-driven shortages, increasing demand, and an obsessive effort by governments and globalist entities to eliminate real meat from our diets, beef is poised to be extremely valuable in the years and even months to come.

Of particular value will be shelf-stable beef. Whether it’s canned, dehydrated, or freeze-dried, having beef that is still safe and nutritious for years is piquing the interests of people across the country. It isn’t just the “doomsday preppers” who are concerned. The last three years have caused tremendous anxiety to be felt by Americans, and for very logical reasons.

Stock up on long-term storage beef before prices SKYROCKET. 10+ year shelf life, premium cuts, all-American, no mRNA jabs. Promo code “JEFF15” at Freedom First Beef.

When Prepper All Naturals launched last year, their initial focus was on chicken. They always knew beef would be part of their future but at the time it was chicken that was noticeably under attack. That changed very quickly in the beginning of 2023 when “theoretical” discussions of replacing beef with lab-grown “meat” or bugs began manifesting ubiquitously in the real world.

The powers-that-be stopped talking about it as the future and started referring to it as a current initiative.

Unfortunately, this is not something that we can easily prevent. Politicians like NYC Mayor Eric Adams are already threatening limits or even complete bans on beef. State, local, and foreign governments are imposing draconian regulations on beef providers as well as the processing plants that service them. An insider at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association warned us privately that costs are going to start shooting up across the board in October, 2023.

The war on meat is happening even if most Americans have no idea. Corporate media won’t be allowed to report on it until it’s too late.

The “Whole Cows” product line for Freedom First Beef is the only freeze-dried beef product in America that doesn’t try to push “beef crumbles” or low-quality “beef chunks” onto consumers. They offer sous vide, freeze-dried Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and their “Original Steak” product that is made up of Sirloin, Chuck, and other semi-premium cuts. Even their lowest priced item is far superior to everything else in the market.

Don’t wait for beef to become more scarce. Stock up on freeze-dried cubes made from Ribeyes, NY Strips, and Premium Cuts. This America First, veteran-owned company is ready to help you eat well today and eat well tomorrow. Use promo code “JEFF15” for 15% off at checkout.

“Anyone who’s ever tried to eat freeze-dried ‘beef crumbles’ will never buy a bag of it again,” said Jason Nelson, CEO of Prepper All Naturals. “The low-quality parts of our cattle are sold to wholesalers after slaughter. We only offer the good stuff to our customers.”

Since beef is the only ingredient in a bag of Sous Vide Beef Cubes, they remain shelf-stable for long-term storage for at least a decade. The USDA says cooked beef in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers can last 25-years or longer. This is one of the reasons freeze-dried beef is so much more valuable than canned or dehydrated beef that last for 1-3 years.

Another reason is the nutritional retention. Each bag has 12 adult-sized servings with over 20 grams of protein. Freeze-drying is the only food longevity process for beef that allows it to retain full nutritional values for over a decade.

Last but not least, the push to inject cattle with mRNA vaccines is ongoing. Just as they did with pork, it seems inevitable that beef will be tainted by near-future mandates. Nelson has vowed to never sell beef that has had mRNA vaccines once they begin rolling out.

“We had a customer last month who purchased hundreds of bags in a one-week period,” Nelson said. “We contact him and learned that he plans on feeding his family but also believes these bags will be tremendous for barter should there be a major change in society.”

Worried about what’s going on in world? Want to be prepared for whatever might happened, but don’t know where to get started? No worries! Get ahead of the game and stock up on premium, shelf-stable, freeze-dried cuts from Freedom First Beef! Level up your prepper game and order now. Use promo code JEFF15 to save 15% when you order.

If there is such a societal collapse, it is very likely that long-term storage beef will be extremely valuable. But one does not have to wait for the apocalypse to appreciate having high-quality beef on hand if prices start skyrocketing this year or next. Even if things get incrementally better, beef is still going to be targeted.

Stock up now at Freedom First Beef. Use promo code “JEFF15” for 15% off at checkout.



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