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Why Did Conservative Inc Turn Their Back on Brandon Straka and Walk Away?

Brandon Straka has created a lot of enemies for all the right reasons. Despite standing on the east side of the Capitol Building on January 6th for only eight minutes, the FBI targeted him and has attempted to self-admittedly make an example of him by punishing him to nth degree.

He’s been an effective force to be reckoned with in leading the charge to red-pill Democrats to leave their party after launching Walk Away, which makes him a primary target of the establishment. This has turned into a massive movement that has seen results in Democrats realizing their party does not represent their values.

His effectiveness has led to those within our own government to target him, which has resulted in the desired effect of much of the Republican Party and Conservative Movement distancing themselves from Straka:

I feel like I’ve lost 90% of my friends (after January 6th)… because, as it turns out, conservatives are really cowardly. I don’t mean everyday average Americans, my base or conservative voters… I mean conservative influencers or Republicans in Congress.

I could understand, I guess, if I went into an elementary school, planted a bomb and murdered a bunch of children or something. But as it turns out, I stood outside of the Capitol Building on the East Side for eight minutes and that has caused a lot of people to want to run for cover from me.

So, yeah, it’s been a weird ride…. It’s been weird!

This is a prime example of one of the very serious problems within the Conservative Movement. Most conservative influencers and politicians talk a big game. They create viral videos ranting and raving about how they’ll never compromise and they are willing to take on the system to defend the truth, our country and the Constitution. But, when push comes to shove and the going gets tough, they are nowhere to be seen.

Some of it is simply just a lack of spine. These influencers care more about their social media following and their paychecks than actually doing what’s right.

But there’s another angle to this, and that’s the fact that the Republican Party is actively working against the true conservative and MAGA Movement. There’s a huge group of supposed conservatives that are entrenched and owned by The Swamp.

The DC Swamp on the Republican side was actually who allowed the 2020 Election to be stolen. It was Republican leadership in places like Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania that allowed the rules to be illegally changed and didn’t challenge the results when they actually had standing.

The dirty little secret is that the Republican Party wanted to get rid of Donald Trump. Why? Because, while he was president, he could not be controlled. It’s an interesting parallel with how the Conservative Movement has been treating Brandon Straka. Here’s a portion of our conversation discussing this very thing:

Jeff Dornik: I think what happened to you is a parallel with what happened to Donald Trump. They saw that they could not control Donald Trump, so they did whatever they could to take him out. I feel like there’s a parallel there between what’s happening to you because you can’t be controlled. So they’re going to do whatever they can to take out the people they can’t control and then promote the people they can control or can at least couch their message.

Brandon Straka: 100%. If I could crawl through the camera and kiss you on the lips right now I would! I absolutely agree with you. It’s not the kind of thing that would acceptable for me to compare myself to Donald Trump.

No, I’m not comparing myself to Donald Trump, certainly in regards to status or relevance. But what you just said is 100% on the money. Trump had all of the hatred and from the left, but he also has the inner resistance from his own side. I guess it is the same… I am hated by the left and there’s this huge resistance from the right.

As conservatives, if we want to actually fix our crumbling nation, we’re going to have to take a hint from how the Democrats and RINOs play politics. They link arms and are in lockstep, always having each others back through thick and thin. We, on the other hand, don’t play well together and stab each other in the back, allowing the true patriots to be isolated and picked off one by one.

That has to change immediately. Let Straka’s experience be a lesson that we can learn from moving forward… he’s done more for the Conservative Movement and Republican Party than most influencers and politicians combined. He’s led the charge of red-pilling Americans by actually engaging and reasoning with everyday Democrats.

He’s someone we should be partnering with and working with… and also someone whose back we should have had throughout his entire ordeal with the FBI being weaponized against him after January 6th in an attempt to intimidate conservatives by making an example of him.

So let’s actually launch a grassroots conservative movement that is focused on the mission instead of the hierarchy. That’s how we can be effective in saving America.

One of the issues we, as conservatives, are fighting against are the horrific policies of the Joe Biden Regime that are literally destroying our economy and hurtling us toward The Great Reset. Experts agree that investing in gold is a smart move with inflation approaching the levels they are at. Reach out to Our Gold Guy by filling out the form at and let him know that Jeff Dornik sent you.

Please visit Brandon Straka's website For more information on Walk Away, pease visit



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