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What is the "Gold Juice" Actress Taryn Manning Alleges Was Given to Orange is the New Black Cast?

Many conspiracy theorists have been talking about the deep, dark secrets of Hollywood for many years. One of the big conspiracy theories revolves around adrenochrome, which is created from the blood of children and babies sacrificed in occultic rituals. As the theory goes, these kids are tortured and ultimately killed in a way where their adrenaline spikes, thus causing the adrenochrome to be present in the blood. These celebrities, as the theory goes, drink this both as an initiation or ritual of sorts, as well as a way to stay young longer.

Comedian Whitney Cummings recently had Taryn Manning on her podcast, who is one of the lead actresses from the show Orange is the New Black. She alleges that she's been repeatedly offered what she refers to as the "gold juice." She alleges that the cast members of Orange is the New Black took this "gold juice" and she immediately noticed a change in them.

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Cummings understood exactly what Manning was talking about, cracking jokes about adrenochrome and having a baby in order to stay younger.

Watch the clip below in its entirety. Is Taryn Manning really talking about adrenochrome... do you believe her when she says that the powers-that-be are continually trying to pressure her into taking the "gold juice"?

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