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War, What Is It Good For? Making Satanists Wealthier!

“Connecting Current Events & REAL History With The Truth Of God”

Did you know America has been at war for 222 of the 245 years it’s been a country. How does that makes sense unless the “leaders” are the ones who benefit.

The movie – “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” got this episode started & just watch where Lucy takes it. Can you say “mind & population control?”

🙏 Remember, our entire society is run by Demons & they follow a Satanic agenda which needs YOUR children to be sacrificed – Mind, Body & Soul!

The gloves are off so grab your bible, pen & paper, belt of truth, common sense cap and spread the word to WATCH this episode!

Lucy DiGrazia, Worship Leader, Scripture Expert & Faith Advisor will Inspire, Motivate & Teach YOU the Tools to Get On the Battlefield to Take Back America & Save Your Souls!

P.S. Demons Are Real & Are The Politicians Running & Ruining America!

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