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#WalkAway’s Brandon Straka Warns That He’d Leave the GOP if This Trend Continues

For the longest time, I’ve always heard conservatives taunt the Left by calling them “sheeple.” That description, for the most part, has been fitting. Whenever the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media run with a particular narrative or legislative goal, their followers simply fall into line. It wasn’t too long ago that Democrats supported “rare” abortions, strong borders and not being the police of the world. My, times have changed.

Unfortunately, that cult-mindset has jumped over to the GOP, especially with Trump supporters. Now, this is not an attack on President Trump, but an issue that his followers must reconcile with. When normally Trump-supporting conservatives disagree with him on a particular issue, his supporters will swarm all over them attacking them, accusing them of being Deep State and ultimately canceling them.

During today’s episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Walk Away’s founder Brandon Straka shared his concerns with this mindset within the GOP:

“I walked away from the Left because it became monolithic and it become no longer safe or ok or advisable to be able to express dissent or argue back against people on the Left about what I was beginning to see happen to the political Left, things I disagreed with and things I didn’t like. If that begins becoming the norm on the right, then I won’t stay there either. I won’t stay anywhere where I’m not allowed to ask questions or challenge things that I disagree with.

“What I see starting to happen with some people is this autopilot kind of thinking, where if Donald Trump endorses somebody then that’s automatically who we’re going to get behind, and to be damned with anybody else.

“I think Pennsylvania is the perfect example of that because a good percentage of people were not supportive of Dr Oz. Then there became this coordinated effort to take out Kathy Barnette, and I was actually starting to like her and a lot of people were starting to like her. She was scrappy and she was making it on her own without a lot of support. The moment Dr Oz got endorsed there became this coordinated effort to take her out. That’s weird, I though that was very weird.

I don’t want people to become cult-minded. I want people to ask questions, challenge the status quo. Certainly, we can look to a leader for guidance, but not to dictate how we should think or what we should believe or who we should support.”

We can’t be playing Follow The Leader. Instead, we’ve got to figure out the principles we believe in and stick to those, aligning ourselves with leaders and candidates because they share those principles instead of changing our beliefs to fit in with what our leader says.

This means engaging with those that disagree with you, which is exactly what Straka and his Walk Away Movement are doing. On October 15th in Washington DC, they are holding a debate between Black Liberals and Black Conservatives. This is the kind of events we need to be having… open and honest discussions and debate which will force the audience to think through their own belief system, re-evaluating everything to see if they still hold to those principles.

If you are able to attend, I strongly encourage you to do so. Get your tickets here:

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If you missed the previous episode of The Jeff Dornik Show with Latino’s for Trump founder Bianca Gracia, you can watch it here:

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Ted R. Weiland
Ted R. Weiland
Oct 05, 2022


Trump Derangement Syndrome is well and alive on both sides of the imaginary aisle, otherwise known as dialectics. One side provides the thesis, the other antithesis, resulting in a controlled synthesis. Those who ultimately control such a paradigm are thus able to, without detection, accomplish their wicked designs.

Case in point: TDS on both sides of the aisle, which only accomplishes to keep both sides focused on themselves and their opponents, which, in turn keeps both sides from ever focusing on the real solution for America's woes - that is, a return to Yahweh, God of the Bible, as America's Sovereign and thus His triune and integral moral law as supreme.

Trump will never make America great again.…

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