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Vem Miller Breaks Down What’s Going on Behind the Scenes Between Dr Simone Gold and AFLDS

Vem Miller joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss Dr Simone Gold's firing from the America's Frontline Doctors, the court ruling and what's really going on. He reads threatening emails that Dr Gold sent to the board members, revealed what the judge said in his decision of the case and what’s next for AFLDS 2.0.

Miller is the head of Studio 17, a production company that hosts a network of shows and did work for America’s Frontline Doctors. Dr Gold made accusations against him during the lawsuit with AFLDS which, according to Miller, were never validated and are untrue.

He explained that Dr Gold was abusive and used the AFLDS as her personal piggy bank, giving her boyfriend a six-figure job of which he wasn’t qualified for, racked up tens of thousands of dollars on the AFLDS credit card and even use organization funds to purchase cars and her $3.6 million home.

While she is the founder of the organization, she has officially been fired and is no longer on the board, per the judge’s orders. Now that she’s no longer in the picture, they are moving forward with AFLDS 2.0. Their focus will be on filing lawsuits protecting medical freedom and exposing the danger of the covid jabs, as well as promoting truthful narratives in the media through their own production house, as well as their presence in the media.

For more information and to support America’s Frontline Doctors 2.0, please visit

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