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Use of AI Will Lead to the End of Humanity, Jeff Dornik Warns

(Kevin Hughes, Natural News) - Podcaster Jeff Dornik has warned the public that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually lead to the destruction of humanity.

Dornik issued this warning during his appearance on the Sept. 29 episode of "Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick" on Brighteon.TV. Dornik pointed out that the use of AI comes off as "cool, up-to-date and edgy" with everybody else doing it.

"The more that I research this, the more that I'm like, 'This is going to lead to the end of humanity if we take it to its natural conclusions,'" he told Swinick. "I think that is what people need to understand down the road. The potential with this kind of stuff, especially if you're looking at what Elon Musk is putting together – it's wild, it's crazy and it's actually terrifying."

Swinick then played a video of Musk's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where the two discussed the future of AI. During the meeting, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO compared AI to heaven on Earth – a prospect Dornik found terrifying. He pointed out that Musk's vision gives away his globalist leanings, through his desire to usher in the New World Order.

According to Dornik, this "heaven" Musk speaks of describes the utopia being sold by the socialists, communists and Democrats. In this version of "heaven," everyone can have whatever they want, thanks to the government providing everything they need. This "heaven" is the endgame for the globalists as in the end, people will be reduced to mere blobs of flesh who consume and do nothing.

AI comes into this scenario as it takes away a person's humanity. AI will eliminate the need for school and learning, and with it the struggle of being human. When coupled with internet-connected Neuralink implants, AI can erase people's memories and replace them with new ones.

"What happens when you struggle? You get better, you learn lessons [and] you become a better human being," Dornik told Swinick. "What they are doing is … taking away every opportunity for you to become a better person. You are just who you are right now, you don't have to become a better person."

Dornik: Musk's purchase of Twitter comes with a SINISTER PURPOSE

Dornik, the host of "The Jeff Dornik Show", also pointed to Musk's acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion back in October 2022. The technocrat allowed people to return on the platform in the guise of "defending free speech," but Dornik said this actually has a sinister purpose. He noted that Musk's purchase of Twitter was a massive investment, and also mentioned how the ChatGPT chatbot only collects information on the internet up until the year 2021.

"What Elon's doing is he's building the most relevant, up-to-date, artificial intelligence on the planet, it's called xAI. It has already launched and what they are doing is they are taking everybody's information, all their data, all their articles, everything that's on Twitter, or what's now called X," explained Dornik.

"That is now being funneled into xAI which will make it the most up to date, most relevant artificial intelligence on the planet because everybody's posting the news immediately." (Related: America Unhinged: Elon Musk bought Twitter for massive data that he can funnel into his AI company, says Jeff Dornik – Brighteon.TV.)

The CEO of new social media platform PickAx added that xAI has access to the latest information because they are running it through up-to-date relevant data.

"And that's also the key when they talk about free speech, but not freedom of reach on the platform. It's because he's using your data, they are still censoring you, they are still keeping people from seeing your information. But they want everybody on the left, right, center, MAGA, not MAGA, whatever it is," Dornik said.

"They want everybody on there because they want your data because they need it to funnel into xAI to make it the most up-to-date AI on the planet. That is terrifying and I haven't even gotten to how they are going to use that with Neuralink."

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Watch the Sept. 29 episode of "Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick" below. "Save My Freedom with Michele Swinick" airs every Friday at 7-8 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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