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U.S. in Anarchy: Left No Longer Warns of '1984' but Emulates It

Anarchy has arrived in America.

That’s according to Victor Davis Hanson, a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

In a column at American Greatness, he pointed out that the 1960s revolutionaries were anarchic and nihilist.

They waged war against the establishment.

Now, however, the leftists are waging war on Americans FROM the establishment, which he said is “far more dangerous.”

The left, he said, “Now controls the very institutions of America that it once mocked and attacked – corporate boardrooms, Wall Street, state and local prosecuting attorneys, most big-city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most of cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education, and academia.

“In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power – money, education, entertainment, government, the news, and popular culture – are in the hands of the Left. They have transformed legitimate debate over gay marriage into a hate crime. Transgenderism went from a modern manifestation of ancient transvestism or gender dysphoria to a veritable litmus test of whether one was good or evil.”

The “techies” of today, are effectively Stalinist,” he said. They collude “with the FBI, the Democratic Party, and the bureaucratic state to suppress free expression, warp balloting, and serve as contractors of government surveillance. Currently, the most totalitarian people in America are likely to wear flip flops, have a nose ring or pink hair, and disguise their fascism with ’60s-retread costumes.”


Not against the Pentagon since “radical identity politics, and gay, woke, and transgendered agendas are fast-tracked by the Department of Defense,” he said. Not against Immigration and Customs Enforcement as “the Left owns the border.” Not against censorship, as anyone who does would have his “career ruined.”

FBI agents now is “an enemy of parents worried about school indoctrination, or a retrieval service for lost first-family classified papers, laptops and diaries…”

The 2020-2021 riots, which left behind damages of billions of dollars, were, according to leftists, “mostly peaceful,” he said.

“In sum, we are living in anarchy, as institutions themselves have become nihilistic and weapons of the revolution. The Left, in viral fashion, took over the DNA of America’s institutions, and used them to help destroy their creators,” he said.

In America today, he said, “Cars and yards are evil, elevators, high-rises, and buses sacred. There are 81 genders (and counting), with even more names for them. ‘Racist’ is our exclamation point, fillip, a mere add-on emphatic. Everything from SAT tests to obesity to working out is racist. When little is racist, then everything must become racist.”

The left, he said, “no longer warns of ‘1984’ but emulates it.”

That the movement has made people money is without doubt, he added.

“In our anarchy, ‘dark money’ like Mark Zuckerberg’s $419 million cash infusion into the 2020 balloting processes is now suddenly good, given it is almost all leftwing. Democrats outraise Republicans in campaign contributions by anywhere from three- to five-to-one. Bundling is noble.”

“Today, there is hardly a Democratic president, ex-president, or presidential candidate who is not a multi-multimillionaire – most by leveraging their heightened political profile,” he said.

And hypocrisy is the rule.

“John Kerry lectures us on climate change from his private jet. Your leaf blower, not his Gulfstream GIV-SP, is the global threat. Al Gore screams about the evils of carbon emissions—after pocketing $100 million by selling his failed and worthless cable station to smoky and sooty Qatar, fronting for the antisemitic Al Jazeera. The Clintons feel the pain of the poor all the way to their $100 million fortune from shakedown lectures, Wall Street, ‘consulting,’ and ‘foundation’ contributions.”

He said, “In our present anarchy, we take seriously the lectures on microaggressions from the Duchess of Montecito. The Obamas weigh in on the dangers of climate change and rising seas from their seaside, multimillion-dollar Martha’s Vineyard estate, or Hawaii beachfront mansion that apparently has an invisible climate-change barrier on its beach. Kamala Harris is our border czar who assures us it is ‘secure,’ defined by 5 million illegal entries since she took office. Nancy Pelosi works for the ‘children’ and, after a life in politics, that selflessness ends up worth $100 million from her husband’s insider real estate deals and stock tips.”

He said, “The hardcore Left is your FBI, CIA, and Justice Department all in one.”

This article was written by Bob Unruh originally published by the WND News Center.

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