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Tucker Carlson WORLD FIRST Interview Since Leaving Fox!

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is giving his first interview since leaving the "Conservative" news network. Russell Brand has the honor of picking the brain of probably the most influential conservative in America.

It will be interesting to see what he discusses and whether he exposes the true corruption going on over at Fox News and the Republican Party.

Unfortunately for many of us, the powers-that-be are doing whatever they can to silence truth-tellers like Tucker Carlson, which is why he was kicked off of Fox News. It's important that we have outlets for issues to be discussed and debated without censorship, which is the entire mission of the new social media platform pickax.

This platform will allow all constitutionally protected free speech, as well as have algorithms that work to amplify your voice. Additionally, it will not be beholden to Big Tech in any way and have monetization opportunities for content creators. Sign up today to be among the first on the platform once it launches beta.



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