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Tracy Beanz: Trump Endorsing RINO Suit-Wearing Frat Boys was a Blown Opportunity

Tracy Beanz has been one of those conservative activists that is willing to do more than just talk or write articles. She follows through with action. While she does an amazing job, along with her team, of investigative journalism over at UncoverDC, she was also fighting the good fight on the local level within the South Carolina Republican Party.

She came on The Jeff Dornik Show to share her experience fighting against the RINOs that are entrenched in the SCGOP. It got so bad that she realized they were rigging the system, breaking their own rules and doing anything they could to thwart her every attempt to do the right thing. Ultimately, she resigned as Horry County’s State Executive Committeewoman.

After seeing the workings of the state party from the inside, she realized that the Republican Party plays dirty because the establishment is so entrenched with power-hungry swamp creatures. However, there was one man who could’ve actually done something about it. Instead of rooting out the RINOs, he listened to them… which led to some of his horrific endorsements. She explained:

“Donald Trump had a really amazing opportunity this time around to completely and fundamentally change the Republican Party because there were so many people that were attempting to run in primaries on Republican ballots that were really solid, every day patriotic Americans that were sick and tired of what is going on and really had some chops behind them.

“Instead of that, he listened to the state (GOP) party in a lot of cases, and endorsed the Republican In Name Only suit-wearing frat boys. There’s nothing else I can say about it. He ruined it and lost his shot. It’ll probably never happen again like that.

"I think he blew it, truthfully, I really do. We’ll see, I guess time will tell. His endorsed candidates will probably win, but then when they get in there… what are they going to do? Hopefully I’m proven wrong.”

While Donald Trump was truly the founder of the America First Movement, we’ve got to remember that it’s not up to him to tell us who to vote for or actually fix the Republican Party. We’ve got to knock off the savior complex that is deeply entrenched within the MAGA Movement and, instead, take it upon ourselves to do the research, pick the right candidates and take back the party. It’s not up to Trump, it’s up to We The People.

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Fits with Trump’s style - keep friend’s close but put your enemies in charge of departments and agencies so they won’t implement your policies.

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