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They're Tanking the Economy on Purpose

Both the Federal Reserve and the White House are continuously lambasted for enacting policies that are destroying the U.S. economy. Most attribute this to incompetence and poor choices, but what if that's not the case. What if they know EXACTLY what they're doing? What if the results are EXACTLY as they have planned? Someone incompetent who takes a multiple choice test will likely get some of it right. For the White House and Fed to get everything wrong means they know what to do to fix the economy as well as how to destroy it. They're doing this all intentionally.

Joe Biden and the Globalist Elites are tanking our economy as they seek to usher in The Great Reset. They’re using inflation to destroy the American dollar and introduce the CBDC. Now is the time to look into investing in gold and precious metals. Reach out to Our Gold Guy to see if buying gold is right for you.



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