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There is No Exception Clause in the Constitution Despite What Ron DeSantis & Michael Knowles Believe

If you were to listen to most of our elected officials, you’d think that there’s an asterisk in the United States Constitution which allows them to strip you of your Constitutional Rights under certain circumstances.

We’ve recently heard Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire make this argument in regards to the New Mexico Governor attempting to take away the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of her state. Ron DeSantis also effectually made this argument when he locked down the state of Florida during the covid “scamdemic”, which even saw pastors like Rodney Howard-Browne in his state getting arrested for continually holding church services during the tyrannical rule of Governor DeSantis.

I’ve recently begun guest hosting Dr John Diamond’s show America Unhinged every other Tuesday on BrighteonTV, and during my initial episode I tackled this important constitutional issue. To be clear, last I checked, there’s no exception clause in the US Constitution.

While Ron DeSantis gets all the kudos for being the “anti-Fauci” governor of Florida and is now attempting to use that to his advantage during his failure of a presidential campaign, the reality is that he directly violated the Constitutional Rights of Floridians for several months in 2020.

As Americans created in the image of God, you have certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government. Those include the Right to Peaceably Assemble and the Right to Worship God as We See Fit, among many others. DeSantis violated both of those as governor. Plus, he weaponized the state government against Disney when they practiced their freedom of speech in criticizing the wrongly named “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.

As an elected official, you swear an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. Ron DeSantis failed to do that.

Then you have guys in Conservative Inc like Michael Knowles, whom I generally like, taking the position that in the case of an emergency, a governor or president as the authority to take away your constitutional rights temporarily. To that, I would ask, where is that in the Constitution? During one of his shows, he attempted to defend his position by citing examples of where this occurred and SCOTUS decisions supporting this claim. As we all know, the fact that the Supreme Court made a decision in and of itself does not make it Constitutional, and neither does the fact that other people have done it.

It’s time that we figure out what we believe about our Constitutional Rights. Who gave them to us? If it’s the government, they can take them away. If it’s God, then no government has the authority to strip anyone of these rights. Make up your mind and be consistent.

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