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The Truth About Dylan Mulvaney’s “Sudden” Popularity

First, it was Bud Light. Then it was Nike’s sports bras. Now it’s Olay. Dylan Mulvaney is making his rounds and mocking actual women on a daily basis. How did this guy pretending to be a woman become such a commercialized sensation overnight?

Oli London, a leader in the detransitioning movement, has done the research and posted his thoughts on Twitter:

Why is Dylan Mulvaney now the face of so many major corporations all of a sudden?

Let me explain:

  • Fortune 500 Companies have the CEI Index- Corporate Equality Index- which pushes companies to go woke and push trans models in order to improve their CEI score.

  • He has the top Hollywood Agency, CAA which normally only works with A List Celebrities- so they have access to working with all the biggest brands and relationships with top execs at every major brand- so it’s easy for them to get brand partnerships for their talent.

  • Largest LGBT Lobby Group- Human Rights Campaign- pushes companies to use Trans models in ad campaigns via the CEI Index. – which receives millions of dollars from George Soros Open Society Foundation

  • TikTok promotes Dylan’s videos heavily on the FYP page and through the algorithm- meaning brands want to work with him to get access to the TikTok market and his millions of followers/ views.

  • While being Transgender has become the latest trend, gender clinics and stakeholders who profit from transitioning young people want to normalise transitioning so they use people like Dylan as a pawn in their game and lobby companies to be more ‘inclusive’. The more we see trans people everywhere the more likely kids will want to become like them.

One of the most obvious aspects of Mulvaney that nobody on the left wants to talk about is that he doesn’t act like a woman. He acts like a fetishized caricature of a woman with all of the false stereotypes that go into mocking them. As noted by an actual woman last year:

Spot. On.

Tucker Carlson called out Mulvaney and his enablers on Monday night’s show:

This isn’t new for Mulvaney. He’s been on Ellen. He’s been on The Price Is Right. He’s been on Broadway. He’s been trying to get attention for a long time and now that he pretends to be a woman, he finally got what he’s craved.

This is all part of the advancement of the Trans-Supremacy Agenda. It’s an attack on the faith. It’s an attack on the truth. It’s an attack on America. And unfortunately, it’s working. This is why we MUST oppose it with everything we’ve got.

This article was written by JD Rucker and originally posted on his website.

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