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The Super Bowl Might Lead to Nationwide Covid Restrictions

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Dictator Gavin Newsom has the state of California under a State of Emergency. Virtually every act that he’s taken to mitigate the affects of Covid-19 has done the exact opposite.

California Covid stats are significantly higher than free states like Florida. On top of that, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the most restrictive counties in the state, are nearly twice the Covid-19 case rate than the free county of Orange.

Despite the glaring data that proves the Democrat policies of vaccine mandates, mask requirements and lockdowns do not work whatsoever and, in fact, are making everything worse, Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti continue to dig their heels in and push their restrictive policies.

Last week, we saw Garcetti and Newsom show their hypocrisy by watching the LA Rams football game maskless. Next week, however, is the ultimate hypocritical act by California leaders who continue to insist that the “pandemic” is out of control and that we must stay in a State of Emergency to combat covid.

Fortunately, the mask mandates are going to be lifted on February 15th. Unfortunately, the unvaxxed are still going to be required to wear masks, as are children in school.

Los Angeles will be hosting the Super Bowl on February 13th, just two days before the mask requirements are lifted. Millions of people are flying into town from all over the country to participate in the Super Bowl festivities.

So let’s break this down: California is partnering with the woke NFL to congregate millions of people from all over the world in one city that is not only in a state still in a state of emergency, but is also in the worst county for covid case numbers. Again, this alone should be proof that there is no State of Emergency.

But let’s just go with their line of thinking: Why would the Democrats and the NFL fly everyone to Los Angeles if they believe covid is so dangerous?

Another angle to consider is that covid numbers are significant dropping in the state of California as more people are contracting Omicron and gaining natural immunity. Because of this, even Democrats like Ted Lieu are calling for the government to begin to lift restrictions.

What if they are hoping, yes you read that right… hoping, that this will be a super-spreader event that will result not only in extending the covid restrictions in the state of California, but then potentially the entire country?

Think about it… if Covid-19 breaks out at the Super Bowl and a bunch of people contract it, they won’t begin to show symptoms until they get home. Then they can have an uptick in cases around the country… all because they decided to host the largest sporting event of the year in the worst city of the worst county of the worst state when it comes to Covid-19 case rates.

As we’ve seen over the past several years, the government is not beyond manipulation of the public or even using major events as a complete setup to promote their agenda. Could the Super Bowl be yet another attempt by the Demoncrats to further extend covid restrictions and implement nationwide vaccine mandates? Could even be a play to enforce a vax mandate to travel.

Only time will tell whether this is yet another setup. But, as always, nothing would surprise me anymore.

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