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The State Bleeding Into the Church has Surprisingly Resulted in its Destruction

I was recently a guest on the show Church & State, which ironically is also the name of the second book I published. This, obviously, attracted the attention of its host, so we discussed how the Left used the church to conquer America.

One of the things that we must constantly remind ourselves is that the Left always projects onto us what they themselves are doing. This includes bringing politics into the church.

While conservatives have been beaten back to the point where we largely shy away from political involvement, the Left has begun using the church to push its leftist political views, including open borders, wealth redistribution, racial intersectionality and more.

How do we overcome this and take back our nation? By getting back into the Culture War. Teddy Daniels talks about this all the time on his FFTV show In The Trenches. Conservatives and Christians MUST fight the Culture War if we want any shot at saving America.

Order a copy of Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America today. The authors include Pastor Greg Locke, Denise McAllister, Dr Michael Brown and more. Use code JEFF at checkout for a discount when you order at

Enjoy this episode of Church & State:

Check Church & State’s website at

Check out my latest episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring Dr Pierre Kory:

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