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The Same Villains That Have Hijacked the GOP are also Taking Over the Evangelical Church

Many of us in the America First Movement have been calling out the corrupt leadership within the GOP for a long time. In fact, Donald Trump made that a huge part of his campaign in 2016 and the early years of his presidency. It’s time to drain the swamp, even from within our own party.

Ever since 2016, the truly corrupt nature of the Republican Party has come out into the open. Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel have been the faces of the swamp giving as little lip service to Donald Trump as possible and play right along with the globalist agenda to overthrow America.

The same problem is happening in the Evangelical Church, which is exactly what the documentary Enemies Within The Church, featuring Director Judd Saul and contributors Pastor Cary Gordon, Dr Bobby Lopez, Trevor Loudon and others.

Just like the GOP, many Christian pastors, like Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Beth Moore and John Piper, claim to be conservative, all while sounding more like AOC sycophants than anything resembling conservatism. How did these historically conservative evangelical leaders all of a sudden start spouting off Bernie Sanders talking points?

All roads lead back to The Great Reset, Klaus Schwab and George Soros. Christopher Prosch, a political consultant for Felix Strategies, explained that the same money that is corrupting Republican political leaders is also being thrown at pastors and Christian organizations to change their messaging.

Why would George Soros care what pastors are preaching from the pulpit? He, just as all communists, know that the church is the primary driver or one’s worldview. As long as your worldview is biblical, you will be more conservative-minded and not dependent upon the government. That is not conducive to the globalists plan, so they are doing everything they can to hijack the evangelical church. Without that, they cannot Conquer America.

I highly encourage you to watch the Enemies Within The Church documentary. Whether you are a Christian or not, you will understand the evil strategies at play and the importance for the church to remain strong is America is going to withstand this attack from within. You can watch the movie at

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