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The REAL Domestic Terrorists Media Pretend Don't Exist

Note from Jeff: Mychal Massie, the author of this post, wrote the foreword for the first book that I published called Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement. In it, Mychal wrote, "I content that this book is as powerful and important for Christendom including the saved and unsaved alike, as any of the works of the great Christian authors of today." To order Social Injustice, click here.

There was a time in the not very distant past that domestic terrorists were easily identified. They wore white sheets and covered their heads and faces with white hoods that had pointy tops.

More recently, there were those with beards who spoke with guttural accents, who walked around angry and filled with hatred, who had a genetic predisposition to destroying buildings, bombing gatherings, raping women (and often men as well) and playing field sports with the heads of those they considered enemies after they had beheaded them. This included their women as well.

They belonged to the satanic cult that came into being with their progenitor Ishmael and progressed ancestrally through a psycho-pedophile named Muhammad.

But, today’s domestic terrorists are less easy to identify. They wear suits and dresses. They’re the spawn of Satan birthed by elapids who are nauseatingly offensive to look at. They’re adept at hiding in plain sight until they’ve been elected or appointed to public office.

The modus operandi of domestic terrorists today is to control the masses by gaining specific public positions and then using ad hominem attacks to institute the politics of personal destruction, making public examples of those they politically fear and hate. The intent is to discourage anyone inclined to challenging their political fiefdoms.

The domestic terrorists of today seek positions and are specifically installed into said positions for the express purpose of destroying those who are deemed a threat to their wraith-like benefactors who operate out of the shadows and sulfuric mists of the demonic world the Apostle Paul spoke of in his epistle to the Ephesians (6:10-17 KJV).

The most conspicuous of these domestic terrorists at present are Alvin Bragg, Manhattan district attorney; Leticia James, New York attorney general; and Kim Gardner, district attorney, St. Louis, Missouri – to mention but three. Bragg and James are committed to destroying anyone and everyone their demonic grand wizard instructs them to persecute – in this case President Trump. Gardner has been directed to destroy people of means who legally own firearms and use same to protect their private property and families.

They have all been financially backed by their puppet-financier George Soros whose objective is to destroy the foundations of America, i.e., the church, the family, the schools and the armed forces. But, most important to realize about these minions of Erebusic blackness is that they are necrophagous organisms consumed with a blood lust to destroy those they condemn as “rich and white.” They’re following in the footsteps of former District Attorney Mike Nifong of North Carolina who was removed from office, imprisoned and disbarred for bringing a slew of charges against the falsely accused Duke University lacrosse players, including conspiring with the DNA lab director to withhold exculpatory DNA evidence that would have acquitted the student athletes as he engaged in a scorched-earth attempt to destroy their lives.

In the anti-America, anti-wealth, neo-Leninist zeitgeist of today, it’s viewed as a mortal sin to be born a male distinguishable by the absence of melanin. Add to that males with Judeo-Christian values who love America, and those in authority such I’ve referenced above will go to any length to destroy them.

Both political parties are complicit in this Lucifarian malfeasance perpetrated against those they view as outsiders and/or those who threaten their continued way of political enrichment. The only difference is the way the two political parties go about this evil betrayal of God and country. The Democrats have the media industrial complex in their animal kennels to carry out their cultural degradation with cruel Hitlerian-like precision. Republicans have Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and the Bush family.

This explains why Democrats and the mainstream media are so symbiotically cohesive. They’re genetic extensions of the same political gene pool. That’s why I have great respect for the late Arnaud de Borchgrave. He was a member of a very select and extremely rare number of honest journalists.

De Borchgrave frequently argued that journalistic integrity had become nothing more than a de facto “Pravda,” the Russian broadsheet that was the principle propaganda organ of the Communist Central Committee. And he was right. The American news organizations are neither truthful nor do they subscribe to the moral requisite of “truthfully reporting the news.” Today broadcast “journalists” view it their divine right to make up the news. They view it as their duty to determine what to think and how to treat those they target. Ergo, the media make it possible for abuse of power and this domestic terrorism to exist.

The so-called media have been little more than the political mouthorgan of the Democrat Party. At no time is this more apparent than now, amid the injustice being committed against President Trump.

It’s up to the American people to awaken from their intellectual coma and realize that over 90% of what the media report is nothing short of agitprop. In fact, I argued the media don’t report at all. They spin and manufacture positions intended to persuade We the People to blindly ingest as factual what the progressives in both parties need the public to believe. The media are the informational Trotskyites for a political industrial complex that has never had a moral center.

This article was written by Mychal Massie and originally published at WND News Center.

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