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The One Thing Trump Can Do To End DeSantis' 2024 Campaign Before It Begins

There’s lots of chatter that Ron DeSantis is going to jump into the 2024 Presidential Race very soon. The reality is that there’s only one reason that DeSantis thinks that he has a chance… he knows that Donald Trump’s Achilles heel is his position on the covid “vaccines.” Given that, there’s one thing that Trump must do if he wants to ensure DeSantis doesn’t split the America First vote.

The America First crowd, in general, are anti-vaxx. We’ve been paying attention to the data and good experts like Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Zelenko, Karen Kingston, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Pierre Kory and many more. We also see that the World Economic Forum and the Globalist Elite are making the jabs a central part of their plan to usher in The Great Reset.

Yuval Noah Herari has already explained that through artificial intelligence and their transhumanism agenda, they can literally take away our free will and hack our brains without us even realizing it. When you take a deep dive into the patents and documentation, as Karen Kingston and I do every Thursday on our show In The Foxhole, you see that AI and Quantum Dots are a part of the covid jab, and then it links back up to 5G. Nothing to see here, right?

As the America First Movement, we are looking to fight AGAINST the globalists, not do their bidding. Getting millions, if not billions, of people to get injected with the bioweapon injections is the globalists’ plan. This is why our movement is uneasy with Trump touting the jabs as one of his greatest accomplishments as president.

Ron DeSantis has been watching this all play out. We all know he wants to run for president, but he’s not going to do it if he has no pathway to the White House. Otherwise he’d just wait until 2028. But there is an opportunity for him to capitalize on, and that is Trump’s Achilles heel: the vaxx.

DeSantis knows that if he tries to capture the MAGA Movement that is concerned with that aspect, he has a chance to beat Trump in the 2024 primaries. Now, I’m not saying that I think he will beat Trump, but he’s got the best chance out of any other challenger.

DeSantis is essentially Donald Trump without crazy tweets and is becoming anti-vaxx. For those that have the jab as one of their top concerns entering the election, it wouldn’t be a leap to switch your support to DeSantis, because you’d theoretically get all of the good of Trump while also getting someone who is taking a strong stance in oppositions of these dangerous injections.

Donald Trump has a perfect window of opportunity before DeSantis enters the race. If he changes course and opposes the bioweapons right now, he can keep DeSantis out of the race altogether. If he waits until after he gets in, he can’t change positions without it being obvious that it’s only for political gain.

If Trump doesn’t change his stance on the jabs, he’s going to have a long, drawn-out fight with DeSantis to get to the GOP nomination for POTUS. Again, I’m saying all of this as a Trump supporter who would much rather see him in office than DeSantis.

If we truly want to Make America Great Again, we’ve got to start with the dangerous “vaccines” that have been unleashed upon humanity. I hope it’s Trump that will take this on.

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