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The Most Obvious Mistake Made by the Bidenites in the Middle East

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with an incisive and quite wry international affairs analyst named Brandon Weichert.

Mr. Weichert just published a most timely book, The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy. Mr. Weichert spoke of the completely incompetent, nearly brain-dead Biden Administration ‘s policy in the Middle East, which has, in essence, “made everything worse in the region.”

Perhaps the pivotal and obvious mistake made by the Bidenites was to continue the Obama’s regime’s plan to stuff U.S. cash into the Islamic Republic, which has seemingly been used to achieve rapid military modernization. The total of such funding — with Biden recently chipping in another $6 billion — now stands at about $68 billion.

As important, Mr. Weichert said — and The Two Mikes agreed — that Americans should never forget that the people they elect, as well as their civil service, are largely men and women of high-priced education who know absolutely nothing about history or foreign policy beyond the three sayings that dominate the U.S. approach to diplomacy; namely. “You must have democracy or we will sanction you”, “We will go to war at the drop of a hat, though we do not know how to win but love getting our heads kicked-in”, and “U.S.. foreign policy makers could screw-up a one car funeral.”

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The sum result of these lousy practitioners of foreign policy in the Middle East is that they seem to believe that the region’s Muslim nations have been locked in time since 1947, and that only the United States and Israel have improved in politics, diplomacy, armaments, brain power, and technology.

This, of course is delusional none-sense and about no countries is it less true than Iran and Turkey, both of which are regular recipients of U.S. taxpayer money, but otherwise have produced and harassed educated and patriotic populations, high technology for civil and military uses, and have learned from America’s recent military performances that only American leaders believe that their military power can be used to intimidate foes into behaving behave like cowards.

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