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The FDA’s Insane EUA Plan

We all know that we have an out-of-control Federal Government. We’ve witnessed the last several years that the FDA has no regard for our safety, but instead has simply been looking out for Big Pharma and implementing the agenda of powers-that-be behind The Great Reset. It’s gotten so blatant and so obvious that it should shock even the most ardent pro-vax Democrat that the “checks and balances” are nothing of the sort.

During a recent episode of In The Foxhole on Freedom First TV, Karen Kingston explained how our Federal Government, specifically through the FDA and HHS, set up the EUA system to allow Big Pharma to continually skip animal testing and go straight to humans:

The emergency authorization was they were able to skip animal trials, right? May be effective, may be safe. That's why it was brought to market. You don't need a body of evidence to start mass vaccinating or injecting people with experimental agents. So that's what Trump calls Operation Warp Speed. But again, that was put in place by the Prep Act… and specifically the Cures Act. Obama got grossly unethical… and was like, “Oh, you can go straight to humans. And don't worry about testing in animals first.” I mean, that's part of what he wanted to make sure went through with the Cures Act.

But this is literally the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. So this is the guidance that was put forward in 2017. Okay? Think of it as the operating manual for what we're living through right now in regards to the covid-19, what they're calling vaccines, the products and the PCR test. This is the blueprint.

This was put together in 2017. (Stephen) Hahn was a former FDA commissioner at the time. What they put here under the criteria for issuance of an EUA, this is the FDA's guidance along with HHS, they state here that “medical products can be considered for emergency authorization that may be effective to prevent, diagnose and treat a life threatening disease or condition caused by a biological agent.” So like a bio-weapon, right?

Or a natural virus. Okay. So we just covered that. This is where the definition of insanity comes in:

“Potential Emergency Use Authorization products also include those that may be effective to mitigate a disease or condition caused by an FDA Emergency Use Authorized product.”

You literally can't make this stuff up. The FDA understood the danger of Emergency Use Authorization, so they wrote it into their rules that if there are adverse reactions that need to be treated from said EUA, another EUA will be implemented to treat the former. This sets up a never-ending chain of Emergency Use Authorizations.

Kingston continued:

So they're saying, look, if we skip animal trials and human trials and inject half the global population with an experimental gene-editing technology, and then that causes diseases, disabilities and death…. Oh, and when we find out it also is infectious and can infect other people with lipid nano-particle technology, as well as gene-edited viruses that we just created, you can then skip animal trials again, and bring forward another experimental product to try to reverse the damage that you did with the first one.

They knew this was going to happen. They said, “Look, if we bring a product to market and it turns out it causes young people to die from heart inflammation, it causes increases in cancer. Oh, and there's this shedding thing, so if young girls get it, they're gonna start having your regular menstrual periods and may become infertile and it may make your children infertile and it may pass on to future generations. Well, we've now created a real problem on our hands, so we don't have time to go through the 10 years of safety evaluation to solve it. So we can do another round of experiments on the American people.” That's what this is.

I’m just getting a flashback to this saying that I was always told as a kid, which is two wrongs don't make a right. So what they're saying is, “We made a ‘mistake’ to start with, which was bypass the animal testing go straight to humans. So the way that we're gonna fix that is we're gonna bypass the animal testing and go straight to humans and repeat the mistake that we just made.”

This clip was taken from an episode of In The Foxhole with Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik called “The Never-Ending EUA.” To watch the full episode, you need to be a Freedom First TV subscriber. You’ll also get access to our full library of shows from people like Teddy Daniels, Kandiss Taylor, Chad Caton and more, plus free access to our paid online summits. You can sign up using code KAREN for 25% off at

Make sure you also catch this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show featuring Bianca Gracia:

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