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The Entire “500 Killed After Israel Bombed Hospital” Narrative Is Falling Apart

The truth is coming out and far too few will ever hear it.

(JD Rucker) - On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I said that as of 5am this morning I was 85% sure the “bombing” of a hospital in Gaza City was from Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the “junior” terrorist group in Gaza. By mid-afternoon today, I’m at 99%; one can never be 100% sure of things like this in a world where pretty much anything can be faked.

At 99%, I’d say it’s pretty darn certain.

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson laid out some condemnation for corporate media that echoed the initial false report as if it was gospel…

Hamas said Israel bombed a hospital and killed 500 people. We now have found out that:

  1. Israel didn’t do it, it was a misfire by a terror group.

  2. The hospital wasn’t bombed, it was a parking lot.

  3. There is no evidence that 500 died beyond what Hamas said.

And our media parroted it all without question.

Sadly, there have been riots and attacks at embassies across the globe as a result of corporate media’s complicity in spreading the false narrative. But for those who don’t know, I’ll inform you that spreading false narratives and reinforcing the globalist agenda is their primary job, truth be damned.

This is the biggest problem we’re going to have moving forward with the war. The propaganda that comes from both sides cannot be believed. Granted, the pro-Israel propaganda is small compared to the pro-Hamas propaganda, but it still exists. It’s our job to try to disseminate the truth through discernment and proper investigation.

Conservative firebrand Laura Loomer took it a step further by not only calling out the lies but also calling out some of the liars. Moreover, she joined Tim Pool in questioning whether the hospital was even bombed at all or if it was a small rocket that caused minor damage with far fewer than the 500+ reported dead.

The hospital in Gaza was never bombed @timcast. CCTV footage proves that the rocket misfired after it was fired from a cemetery behind the hospital. I have the footage with the time stamp. It shows a rocket, not an aerial bomb.

Meanwhile, large accounts online that are likely being paid by HAMAS and IRGC via the subscribe button on @X are spreading lies about Israel dropping an Ariel bomb on the hospital. The hospital wasn’t even directly hit, the parking lot was.

An aerial bomb would have left a crater in the ground, the shock wave from an Israeli bomb would have leveled all surrounding buildings, and it definitely would not have left the hospital solar panels in tact on top of the hospital.

The image of the parking lot below was taken by an Arab Palestinian. Not an Israeli. The image clearly shows that the fire began in the parking lot next to the hospital.

The roof damage on top of the hospital, which is still standing, is more indicative of shrapnel damage from disintegrating components of a rocket.

Palestinian Islamic jihad fired a rocket into the parking lot of a hospital to spread lies and create a fake narrative that @israel dropped an aerial bomb onto s hospital with innocent Palestinian civilians inside.

The hospital was never Bombed! This whole story was fabricated and even shared by sitting members of Congress like @Ilhan for the sake of inciting more hatred against Jews and Israel.

The photo composite proves it.

This really begs the question…. How did 500 people die in the parking lot? Did 500 people even die? The hospital is still in tact. So where are these alleged dead Palestinians?

Has anyone even seen any bodies?

Or are X influencers like @jacksonhinklle and others making a fortune off of spreading more Pallywood Propaganda for Iran?

@jacksonhinklle you should really issue a correction for the lies you have posted about Israel bombing a hospital.

Must pay well to be a mouthpiece for Iranian backed terrorists.

Through all of this, the most unfortunate reality is that countless masses of people will never hear the truth. They’ll go with the initial report because that’s all they will hear. They’ll blame Israel, riot on behalf of Hamas, and label those of us who try to share the truth as spreaders of “misinformation.” And it’s not just abroad in Muslim-majority countries. In the United States, a huge chunk of people will go forward believing Israel bombed a hospital and killed hundreds of innocent patients and medical professionals.

We truly are living in a post-truth society. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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