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The Data That Unravels OSHA’s Justification Of The Vax Mandate

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate. There's data that was widely ignored that should invalidate the entire argument of the need for forcing people to get The Jab.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over Biden's nationwide vaccine mandate. There's data that was widely ignored that should invalidate the entire argument of the need for forcing people to get The Jab.

The oral arguments over Joe Biden’s nationwide Covid-19 vaccine mandate took place before the Supreme Court today. The result of this case is over whether a business of at least 100 people will be forced to mandate The Jab for all of their employees.

The argumentation from the attorney’s representing OSHA (The Biden Regime) is that this is an unprecedented pandemic and the only viable way out is to get everyone vaccinated. In regards to the workplace, OSHA is attempting to claim that their concern is for the unvaccinated… essentially they are protecting the unvaccinated by forcing them to become vaccinated. Because that makes perfect since… right?

I would like to point out several facts and data points that should completely obliterate the claims made by OSHA’s attorneys.

First of all, the claim was repeatedly made that this is an unprecedented pandemic which is causing death at much higher rates than virtually anything we’ve faced to-date. Fortunately for us, that’s been refuted many times over. Let’s forget the fact that countless number of deaths occurred because of a lack of early treatment. Let’s also forget that many people died of other causes, but also tested positive for Covid, which results in a Covid death.

Forgetting those glaring data discrepancies, let’s take a look at the current fatality rate. According to a report by the United Kingdom Health Department, Omicron has a fatality rate of approximately 0.15%. That’s 100 times lower than the fatality rate of the Delta Variant. For comparison, the flu has a fatality rate of 0.15%. Essentially, it’s as deadly as the flu.

Now, Delta was much more deadly, so the rationale that OSHA is making before the Supreme Court is using out-dated data to justify the vax mandates. According to the data, the death rate has dropped so significantly, there should be zero emergency claim for mandating The Jab.

The next reason the Biden Administration’s justification for the vaccine mandates is not valid is the claim that was made repeatedly about how The Jab protects the vaccinated. The lawyers continually stated and implied that the “vaccine” will stop the spread of Covid, keeping the vaccinated from contracting and spreading the virus to others. Even Dictator Fraudci is now refuting that claim, as he is calling on even the vaxxed to wear masks indoors to “protect” them from contracting and spreading the virus to others.

We all understand that The Jab doesn’t stop you from catching Covid. Nor does it stop you from spreading it. It also doesn’t keep you out of the hospital. And you can still die from Covid even if you’re fully vaccinated. To claim that this is how we stop Covid in light of the massive spike of Omicron cases among the fully-vaccinated is nothing but ridiculous and a flat-out lie.

And finally, we must also point it out the inherent risks in getting the Jab, especially compared to the extremely mild cases of Omicron. OSHA is using data from Delta in order to justify their mandate, despite the vast majority of cases being Omicron. If we look at VAERS, we are seeing tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions from the Poison Death Shot.

The risk does not outweigh the reward, especially in light of Omicron. These points should clearly unravel OSHA’s entire claim that any sort of mandate is justified.


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