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The Covid Jab is a Bioweapon… So Why Isn’t Anyone Doing Anything to Stop It?

Karen Kingston is fired up during this episode of In The Foxhole. She and co-host Jeff Dornik discuss the documented proof that the covid jabs are, in fact, a bioweapon. Since this is an objective fact, why do our leaders refuse to do anything to stop it?

It’s frustrating for us that know the truth to see many of our supposed leaders running around and providing cover for Big Pharma, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The reality is, however, that many of the smartest of our covid doctors know what’s really going on, but they refuse to publicly acknowledge that the jabs are in fact bioweapons.

Just this week, our movement started referring to the jabs as “gene therapy.” On GETTR, Karen responded to this new development in this way:

“I don’t believe deception (in any form) is the path to truth and justice. I’m fighting to stop the perverse narrative that’s persuading Americans to subject themselves and their children to be experimented on with an mRNA bioweapon and then disabled, diseased and murdered. Calling it a gene therapy is just another psyop to create confusion. Please excuse my lack etiquette.”

Let me reiterate her point: “Calling it a gene therapy is just another psyop.”

It’s important to note that the psyop is not just on the Left… those “other” guys way over there. It’s within our own movement.

Karen continued:

“The SARs bioweapon that was created by the Wuhan Lab was uploaded to GenBank by Chinese scientists. Vaccine manufacturers downloaded the mRNA bioweapon sequence from Genbank, manufactured the mRNA for the bioweapon, and put it in the vaccines. How are the mRNA vaccines not a bioweapon?”

Given the fact that the jabs are NOT vaccines and NOT gene therapies, but ARE bioweapons, where’s the sense of urgency from our side? Why is nobody doing anything to actually stop these injections from entering any other person, especially now that we are jabbing little kids?

Now is the time to not just fight for medical freedom, but to get these injections pulled completely out of the market. Other drugs have been pulled for FAR less deaths than what these jabs have resulted in.

Now is the time to organize in the same way we did over the covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates… except now it’s to compel our leaders to ban the jab altogether. Maybe Ron Desantis and Florida should be target number one… set the precedence for the rest of the country that we will not allow bioweapon injections in that state.

Karen Kingston lays out all of the evidence and documentation regarding the covid bioweapon injections on her Substack. Subscribe at

Jeff Dornik just launched his own Substack, so be sure to subscribe at

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