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The Biden Regime Wants to Make Sure We Never Have a Voice Again

The Biden Regime is going for full control. They want to make sure that we the people will never have a voice again. The latest on the FCC 3–2 vote on Nov. 15, passed rules that represent a historic step toward closing the digital divide. This is not about discrimination on the internet, it is about silencing you!

It is time for an in depth Tactical Civics Minute breaking down the illegality of the use of illegal aliens in our draft and military. Ann breaks down the constitutional law and its application.

Your health matters and C60Evo is the answer to longevity, mental focus, divine hair and skin. Chris Burres and Patty Greer join to discuss the benefits of this miracle molecule!

Protect your voice by joining the new free speech social platform pickax. Sign up today to be among the first people on the platform, which will be a constitutionally protected free speech platform that is not beholden to Big Tech. Click here to join our beta launch.



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